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Judge James Troiano Family, Career, Popular Cases Handled

Judges are custodians of the law, they are the people we run to when we the civilians have been cheated, molested and ripped off our rights. They are to be unentangled from the dirty games of politics and quid pro quo favors or rather that is what we think. When you call the name Judge James Troiano, I know it’s a very familiar name. Well, for those you who don’t know or barely remembers, let’s do a recap.

In 2018, Judge James G. Troiano refused a request from the Monmouth County prosecutors to transfer the case of a young male teenager who was arrested for allegedly harassing a girl sexually to the adult court. In other words, the prosecutors wanted to try the teenage boy as an adult. Judge James gave this decision when he watched the recorded video of the crime and wondered if truly, the assault should be treated as statutory rape. It was Troaino’s decision in court that sparked a nationwide controversy and condemnation, in turn, making the New Jersey supreme court judge become famous in no time. He probably couldn’t deal with the reaction he got from the public and he retired from the court on the 17th of July, 2019.

Personally, I think he’s retirement move was a good decision. It simply shows he has some traces of integrity. Let’s get to see more of Judge James G. Troiano

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Judge James Troiano Career Details

Troiano obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 1972 from Rutgers University and proceeded to Cumberland School of Law at Stamford University in 1975. He has had an outstanding career and is in no doubt and experienced judge. Prior to his appointment as a superior court judge, Judge James was in private practice. Troiano was called to bar in Alabama in 1979. He has also served as both deputy mayor and mayor in Cedar Grove from 1987 to 1992.

He was the municipal prosecutor in Hillside between and served as a legislative aide with Freeholder Vice President in Essex County in 1982. In the same year, he ran for county executive as a Republican but lost the election.

In 1992, Troiano became a judge in Essex County, New Jersey. He served as both a family and a law division judge. In November of 1992, he served as Judge of the Criminal Division, Superior Court, Essex County. September 1995 and September 1996, he was appointed as the Judge of Family Division, Superior Court, Essex County. The 69-year-old judge retired since 2011 but was later reappointed to preside over some trials in 2012. After becoming a judge in 1992, he has been recalled from retirement every couple of years since that time, up until December 2018. His reappointment as a judge will end in 2021.

Popular Cases Handled By Judge James Troiano

Some of the famous cases he handled were in 2003,2004 and 2018. The first year was when he decided not to release a New Jersey teenage boy who was the defendant in the alleged killing of his cousin while they were playacting some wrestling styles in their home’s basement. The young teenage boy was later convicted and sentenced to three years in a correctional institution on a homicide charge.

The following year, NJ witnessed another showdown when two Montclair High School football players (15&17), were said to be suspects in an incident involving the rape of a classmate. One time during the hearing, Judge James issued an order in court preventing those in the courtroom from talking about the case. The case didn’t take much time as there was no press release indicating if the suspects where later release or remained in custody. However, the prosecutors eventually dropped the case.

The most famous of his cases was in 2018 when he was recalled from retirement to oversee the case of an alleged rape incidence at a pajama-themed party. Police reports claimed that a young teenager of 16 referred to as G.M.C. by documents in courts, made a video of him violating a 16-year-old girl. The prosecutors said the two teenagers after getting high went off to a dark area, where some boys hit her hard and sprayed her with Febreze. It was reported that G.M.C allegedly forwarded the video to his friends with an offensive caption. However, Judge James referred to the caption as part of the stupid things teenagers say to their friends and decided G.M.C did not deserve to be tried as an adult.

In his defense, he said there was a clear distinction between sexual assault and rape and was convinced from the evidence he gathered that the case was that of sexual assault and not rape. His leniency is handling G.M.C’s case ignited an outrage on social media leading to him receiving threats to his family and finally resigning from his duty post.

Judge James Troiano Family Details

Little is known about his parents or siblings. What we are certain about, however, is that Troiano is married and has fathered two kids, a son, and daughter. He’s kids took it a step further and made him a grandfather too. Matthew James Troiano, his male child, worked as a prosecutor in Morris County, New Jersey. He has however left public service and is fully into private practice.