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John Reynolds Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

John Reynolds is a famous American actor mostly known for his role as Officer Phil Callahan in the hit series Stranger Things where he has been in recurring roles playing alongside Police chief Hopper. His full name is John Paul Reynolds, he was born in Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin in the USA, west of Milwaukee. As of 2021, he is 30 years old. He grew up in Wisconsin together with his parents and three siblings in a loving and supporting family.

John Reynolds Body Measurements

He is of North American Caucasian ethnicity with a height of 6 feet 1 inch and a weight of about 65kg which converts to 143lbs. He has dark brown hair and light brown eyes coupled with a very rosy smile that makes him very approachable. He is slim-bodied and wears neatly rounded spectacles which gives him a “harry porter” vibes. His Zodiac Sign is a Leo which is Latin for lion.

According to Wikipedia, a Leo has the personality of a fun, bubbly, and honest person who forms tight personal connections with the people he/she is familiar with owing to their deep embrace of a life worth living. Leo’s are the type of people who want to form meaningful deep relationships with others that last long.

John Reynolds Education Details And Early Life

There isn’t any publicly available information of where John spent his high school years. He values a private life even though he is a well-known celebrity. He went to college at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Purdue is one of the most prestigious colleges in the US as it is a high-research-oriented type of college producing the best and the brightest in every field. Be it media, finance, It, and even the arts.

John Reynolds Career Details

John Reynolds has starred in a handful of movies and TV shows. The films include; Party time Party time, a comedy flick released in 2013 which revolves around a group of friends trying to party away their sorrows after one of them gets divorced. This subsequently culminates into some unexpected plot twists at the end, Reynolds took the role of Lewk. He has also played the role of Perkins in Most Likely to Murder (2018), Jack, in the American science fiction comedy Save Yourselves (2018), Grover, in the drama film Cowboys (2020), and Darren in the American psychological drama House Girl (2020). Party time Party Time was his official debut into the world of acting. The amount of praise he got after the release of this film boosted his confidence and prepared him for future ventures.

As for television shows, he has received good roles in a handful, these include; The Chris Gethard Show, a comedy in the style of reality tv by Chris Gethard, he encompassed the role of Todd Watch(2014), Red Oaks, a comedy-drama where he played the role of Bartender (2015), Master of None in the same year another comedy-drama where he encompassed the role of the excited dude, High-Maintenance an anthology comedy about a weed dealer and his varied customers, he took on the role of Aaron (2016), Netflix Presents The Characters, a comedy sketch, he played as Employee 3 (2016).

From 2016 till this day he has been taking on the main role of Drew Gardener in Search Party a satirical dark comedy thriller on Netflix that has quite a following. As previously mentioned he is an officer in the hit series Stranger Things which also streams on Netflix. It is an American science fiction horror adored by the fans for the supernatural abilities that the lead character is gifted with and the monsters they have to fight off. This two series and another called Four Weddings and A Funeral produced in 2019 are the only shows in which his character is present throughout the whole show. For the rest, he only appears in single episodes. Finally, he is also involved in an American anthology comedy Miracle workers where he appears in two episodes.

John Reynolds Dating History And Marriage Details

His relationship status is unknown as he does not post any of his love interests on his social media accounts.

John Reynolds Net Worth

As of 2021 Forbes estimates his net worth to be at around $1 Million.