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John Bennett Ramsey Daughters Death, Net Worth, Marriage, Wives, Career, Properties, Children

John Bennett Ramsey came into the public limelight for the infamous murder of his daughter JonBenét Patricia Ramsey on December 1996 at a very tender age of six. The police couldn’t even trust John and his other family members for the murder that they initially included their names in the suspect list which was later removed in 2008 by the Boulder County District Attorney. To make matters worse, the young girl’s body was found sexually assaulted. The murderer was found In May 2019. Gary Oliva, a pedophile, has confessed to the killing of JonBenet with the investigation still underway.

John Bennett Ramsey Net Worth And Properties

John lost all the fortune he had made through business before the event that has cost him peace of mind. Before his daughter died, he had made huge trade deals ranging from millions to billions.

He had to sell all his property including the company, houseboats. Having been forced to leave the life of a poor person, John couldn’t believe his luck.

John Bennett Ramsey Daughters Death

The world couldn’t fathom the cruel-some murder of young JonBenet Ramsey. The case was destined to be mysterious as the police couldn’t come to a convincing conclusion or evidence of the crimes. While all the events started to take shape, the Ramsey family had to endure \ a tougher phase of their life.

John, his wife Patricia and son Burke were also listed as suspects by the police which raised a lot of eyebrows. One of the reason was because of the dead body being found in their own house. The investigation kept drawing interest from the whole country.

Burke was accused of scatological obsession in his childhood which led to CBC producing a documentary series titled The Case Of JonBenét Ramsey with the suspicion on Burke Ramsey. He couldn’t help but sue them but without success.

Burke is a software personal who works from the comfort of his home to avoid the public eye.

John had even contemplated suicide because of the accusation and public mistreatment. Even Patricia was consuming sleeping drugs to deal with the sleeplessness.

John Ramsey Bio: Marriage, Wives, Children

John Ramsey has served as an officer in the US Navy. He turned into a businessman in 1996 with a successful start for Access Graphics. Before his working career had begun, John had completed his education from Michigan State University.

John has a long history of marriage. The former Navy officer has married thrice. He has five children from his marriage. John had met his first wife Lucinda Pasch during his college days. JonBenet was born to his second wife Patsy Ramsey along. They have another Kid named Burke.

His eldest daughter was killed in a car accident at the age of 22 in 1992 while JonBenet became a victim of a cruel murder at the age of six in December 1996.

John had to even endure the death of his second wife to ovarian cancer in 2006. However, John again found love with a woman named Jan Rousseaux. Even Jan is a mother to a missing teen since 2005.

Quick Facts About John Bennett Ramsey

First Name John
Last Name Ramsey
Profession Family Member
Age 74 years
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Birth Date December 7, 1943
Birth Place Lincoln, NE
City Lincoln
Country NE