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Jodie Fletcher Parents Sheree Zampino, Terrell Fletcher, Net Worth, Brother Trey Smith

Jodie Fletcher is the daughter of Sheree Zampino and Terrell Fletcher and she is estimated to be 12 years old is probably still attending her school. We still don’t know the specifics about her birth date and other details like her birthplace and so on. Soon after Sheree divorced her former husband, actor and singer Will Smith in 1995 Sheree and Terrell married each other in 2007. Jodie Fletcher was later born in the same year. The only daughter of the family is loved and pampered by all the family members. Especially, her grandfather Les Zampino who adores her more than anyone.

Jodie Fletcher Family Details

Trey Smith is the son of Sheree and Will Smith, born in the year 1992. Trey is a half brother of Jodie and is presently in his mid-twenties. He has been a successful actor and has been really good. We don’t have a clear picture of the relationship between the half-siblings since the age gap between them is quite big. It is also worth noting that Trey and Jodie are living their own lives. With the course of time, their relationship as half-siblings might grow and they might become closer.

Sheree Zampino Early Life, Marrying Will Smith, Divorce

Sheree has always been a very strong, talented woman. Her skills were very well appreciated but she had to go through a lot of tough timed throughout her life. It all started when she first met Will Smith in the 1990s during a TV show called Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, they almost immediately fell in love and got married. But, the marriage ended in 1995 for various immature reasons which were not spoken out clearly to the public. After the split, Sheree went through a tough phase and later met Terrell Fletcher. They dated for a while and got married later.

Sheree Zampino Bio: Early Life

Terrell Fletcher was a famous former American football player. Terrell and Sheree have had a very happy and fruitful one. People always wanted to know more about the details of their love life. She proceeded and changed her last name to that of her husband Fletcher but people kept referring to and recognizing her as the ex-wife of Will Smith. This caused a lot of tension between the couple and was resented by Terrell because he was not happy about it. Eventually, Sheree went on filing for divorce saying that the differences were so hard to manage and they went through issues. Presently, we do not know what Sheree and Terrell are up to. All we know is the tension between the couple is quite bad and this might lead to a situation where Jodie Fletcher will not have her parents together in a happy marriage.

Quick Facts About Jodie Fletcher

Full Name Jodie Fletcher Age, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth
First Name Jodie
Last Name Fletcher
Birth Name Jodie Fletcher
Other Name Fletcher
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Birth Country USA
Father Name Terrell Fletcher
Father Profession a footballer
Mother Name Sheree Zampino
Mother Profession Actress
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Date of Birth 2012
Married Date January
Year 2019
Amount $6 Million
Currency usd