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Jim Harbaugh bio, married, affair, salary, net worth, children, career

Jim Harbaugh has been an outstanding football throughout his career as witnessed in his team, Michigan Wolverines. He has led the team for the fourth year in a row and there is no backing down. We will get to take a look at what’s the reason behind his winnings, his value in terms of net worth. His personal details are also discussed below. Stay tuned.

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Jim Harbaugh wife Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, who he married after a divorce of Miah

As echoed, he has been in marriage life two times. Miah was his first wife who she married back in 1996. They did live not as expected and as a result, the duo decided to quit the relationship after they had a divorce 10 years later. During their time together, they were blessed with three children namely Grace, James, and Jay, all of whom she has since stayed with.

One of the kids, Jay, is now the tight end head coach for the Michigan University after he graduated from Oregon State University. Elsewhere, James, her other son is now working in a theatre after he made it clear that he was gay.

In 2008, Joseph married this current wife, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh; a wedding which happened after two years of dating. While Sarah was holding a real estate business at the Las Vegas PF Chang, it was at the parking that Joseph met Sarah as he was in a coaches meeting. Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh have been blessed by a total of 4 children namely Jack, John, Katherine, and Addison. Named after his grandfather, is his son, John.

Jim Harbaugh Salary and Net Worth

He has a net worth value approximated at $15 million. He earns a total of $5 million annually, a figure that is way high comparing how much head coaches are paid to lead the University, football teams.

It is estimated that the other coaches earn lesser values compared to his. He did not only play for the NFL but also does a full-time coaching job that earns him that amount. As a quarterback, he played in 1994 for the Indianapolis team, a team he joined after shifting from Chicago Bears in 1987 where he started his football career.

Before he became a coach, he also played for Carolina Panthers, San Diego Chargers, Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens.
He has since made an appearance in TV shows such as The Adventure of Brisco County and Saved by The Bell as well as Jr. apart from being a full-time coach, he also owns the Panther Racing in the Indy Car Series.

Houses, cars in Jim Harbaugh’s $ 15 Million Net Worth.

His passion for power is also another trait he possesses besides his successes. This is evident in the muscle cars that he tries to showcase stressing how much power it has and has no regrets on telling the world more about it.

Just before they rented the beach house in Coronado Beach based in California, it was the place he used to pack his car. The leasing value for the house is said to be approximately $4 million and above and is based on a 4650 square inch land. The current rental income ranges from $15,000 to $35,000.

The property details are as follows; it contains an English kitchen, a play area for may well sit the kids for their play time, a living room as well as 3.5 bathrooms together with a total of 6 beds. Interestingly, it has a good view front of the beach and very lovely internal décor which is one of a kind. The house has been his home but he currently stays in Ann Arbor.

Jim Harbaugh bio

Summary details about James Joseph Harbaugh are that he is 55 years old, his date of birth being 23rd December 1963 and therefore boasts of the Zodiac Sign Capricorn. He was born in Toledo, Ohio. He is a head coach by profession and a former NFL player by profession. His net worth is valued at $15 million. His wife’s name is Sarah Feuerborn, and as a total, he has 7 kids.

He stands at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches and weighs a total of 215 lbs. His childhood development is mainly credit to his mother, Jacqueline M. together with his father called Jack. Jack is a dedicated assistant head coach for the Perrysburg High School. As noticed, the entire family has a name for every kid that begins with a J. In fact, his coaching role has brought Joseph together with his siblings, John and Joanie, his sister.

Joseph did change from school to school during his early childhood development. This was as a result of frequent relocations. Before graduating at Palo Alto High School, he did attend Ann Arbor and Tappan Junior High and later to Pioneer High before settling at Palo Alto High School. His brother John, who he has met twice in competitions, is a coach at Baltimore Ravens. They faced off in Super Bowl Spectacle on 3r February 2013 and earlier on during a match in 2011.

Born Name James Joseph Harbaugh
Birth Place Toledo, Ohio, United States
Height 6 feet 3 inch
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Football coach
Wife Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh
Net Worth $15 million
Weight 97 kg
Age 54 years
Sibling John Harbaugh and Joani Harbaugh
Parents Jack Harbaugh, Jacqueline M Harbaugh