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Jess Hilarious Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jess Hilarious is an internet sensation, a beautiful and funny woman. She is a stand-up comedian and has slowly risen to the rank of life after appearing in the famous comedy show, wild n out.

Jess was born on 16th February 1992 to Kevin and Robin Moore. She is 29 years old. Her religion is Christianity. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Jessica Robbin Moore, her real name, has two siblings but much isn’t known about them as they are not in the limelight as their sister is.

Her star sign is Aquarius. Her favorite actor is Dwayne Johnson and her favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence.

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Jess Hilarious Career Details

Jess Hilarious is a successful career woman now after she joined the cast of wild n out. A television series hosted and created by actor and American comedian, Nick Cannon.

Jess also was featured in the cast of the Fox sitcom ‘Rel’ as Tiffany. It was created by Kevin Barnell and Lil Rey Howery.

In this show, she was also working with Sinbad and Jordan L. Jones. This particular show started in September 2018 but was later canceled on April 17th, 2019.

Wild n out also came to an end in 2020 after Nick Cannon resigned.

She has made television appearances ever since it came to an end which has made her remain relevant. She has also won a BET social award for ‘clap back. She is the first celebrity to win this award.

She is also a stand-up comedian. This is her current job and has done impressions of Love and Hip-hop New York star, Tara Wallace. She even has this huge mess segment on her Instagram. Mess with Jess.

Jess’s hobbies are cycling, traveling, and gym.

Jess is a huge internet sensation and her Instagram page has over 5 million followers. This kind of account can earn a good amount of money per sponsored post.

She is also an American entrepreneur and is good with business. That has been able to sustain her posh lifestyle.

Jess Hilarious Net Worth

After her appearance on wild n out, Jess became a little more popular than she was before. Her posh lifestyle says it all.

She is estimated to have more than half a million dollars. 0.7 million dollars to be precise. She lives a beautiful life. Her television appearances have come in handy for her to get the lifestyle she wants.

Jess Hilarious Family Details

Jessica Moore was born and raised in a family of three. She has two siblings who she has kept hidden from the limelight. Not much is seen or heard about them. Not even Jess’s social media has this information.

Jess Hilarious Dating History And Marriage Details

Jess Hilarious has been in and out of love several times. Her baby daddy, Rommie J, and she had a son together. Their relationship, however, hit the rocks and they separated. Jess dated a guy called Chris and they were very much in love.

Chris and Jess even had a YouTube channel together and Jess would post Chris on her Instagram skits.

They also had an Instagram page together where they would post pictures and videos of them together.

Chris and Jess broke up in 2018 after Chris cheated on Jess. Jess was sent a video of Chris and another girl kissing. That led to the end of their relationship.

After they broke up, Jess didn’t take long to move on and find love again, she started dating Kountry Wayne in March 2019. Kountry is an Instagram celebrity with over two million followers. He posts stand-up comedian skits on Instagram and has amassed a large following.

Fans however were not happy with this relationship since Kountry is married. He married Gena Volley in June 2017.

The two have an on-and-off relationship. It is not clear if they are still together or not since the two haven’t been seen publicly together of late.

Jess Hilarious Parents

Jess Hilarious is the daughter of Kevin Moore and Robin Moore. She doesn’t share much about them or even gives any information about them.

Jess Hilarious Kids

Jess Hilarious is a mother of one from her relationship with Rommie J. Her son is called Ashton Amar James. She loves her son to bits.

Jess Hilarious Body Measurements

One of Jess’s hobbies is the gym. She has a fit and healthy body. Being a public figure, she has to maintain a healthy and fit body. She is 5 foot 7 tall. She weighs 67kgs. Her hair and eyes are black.

Jess Hilarious Cars And Houses

Jess has been able to gather up some properties to her name. She has a few houses and a car.