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The Mother of Black Hollywood, Jenifer Lewis is an American singer and actor. She earned this prestigious title after working for more than 40 years in the industry. A memoir was written by her for the same. She was born on 25th January 1957 Kinloch, Missouri which is where she spent some years of her childhood. She has an afro- American nationality and is not a very religious person. At present, she is living in her house in Los Angeles, California. She has made numerous appearances is Hollywood and is a well- known and established a personality.

She made her debut in the Hollywood industry with the Broadway musical Eubie on the year 1979 and after that with her tremendous talent sky was the limit. She already had numerous projects line up. She has worked as a backup singer for Better Midler and this was her first Television screening as a singer on Midler’s HBO specials. Her first acting roles were on the TV with the show Diva in Beaches.

Since then the veteran star has made more than 300 appearances in film and television industry combined.

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Jenifer Lewis Net Worth

The Mother of Black Hollywood with her hard work and determination has managed to build up a fortune estimated to be 2 million dollars. She is a very respected face in the Hollywood industry and has done more than 300 roles combining movies and tv series, her role as a vocalist is separate. She has experienced stardom and has been one of the talked figures in the industry. She owns some properties but the locations are not available except the house she lives in Washington D.C.

Jenifer Lewis Adopted Daughter

Jenifer Lewis adopted her daughter Charmaine Lewis. She is also an actor and the two share a very special bond. Charmaine Lewis is well known and appreciated for her roles in Strange Blood (2015) and Instagram is a liar (2015).

Jenifer Lewis Husband And Dating History

Like any other Hollywood star, Jenifer Lewis has a very spicy life. She has been in many relationships but the most interesting one was with a guy called Tony Wilson who a Con- man. She filed a lawsuit against his Ex-boyfriend who reportedly scammed her of $50000. The actor also filed a lawsuit against the American company LA fitness for hiring a Tony Wilson who had a criminal record of 25- years.

When the actress/singer met this fraud man, he was working as a manager at LA fitness. However, when she came to know about the whole situation, she ended the relationship and her blind love for the man. She also came to knew later that his real name was not Tony but Brice Carrington.

However, this was all in past as Jenifer married Arnold Byrd, who was a good friend of her. The couple doesn’t have any biological kids but the couple adopted a daughter and are happily married. The two share a lot of love and care and have been together for 7 years now.

Quick Facts About Jenifer Lewis

Name: Jennifer Lewis
Profession: Actor
Net Worth: $ 2 million
Relationship status : Married
Kids: 1 Daughter(adopted)

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