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Jeanette Jenkins Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jeanette Jenkins is a fitness trainer for many Hollywood celebrities, and when you work with Hollywood you are ought to get famous. Jeanette has been in the gossip galore multiple times and for various reasons. Jeanette founded Hollywood Trainer Fitness Company and she is well known for her wellness training sessions and fitness podcasts. In this article we got everything covered that you need to know about the very famous lean queen “Jeanette Jenkins”

Jeanette Jenkins Career Details

Jeanette Jenkins is a professional fitness and wellness trainer who was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on 6 November 1977. She hails from an indigenous Canadian ethnicity. There is not much known about her family, but her parents divorced when she was young and she has two siblings, Jeanette’s parents were traders and they owned a trading company.

Jeanette was raised by a single mother alongside her two siblings. She loved sports and she participated in extracurricular activities, she played soccer, baseball, hockey, and baseball.

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She worked as a lifeguard to earn pocket money and she loved fitness. Her aspiration to become a fitness trainer came from a young age. She was an avid part of various fitness workshops in Canada and developed strong connections in the fitness sector. She was awarded more than 19 certifications in multiple fields like nutrition and kinesiology. Jeanette became a fitness trainer in college and was a sideline trainer of the Ottawa men’s football team. She used to administer first aid and attended to injuries.

After completing high school, Jeanette completed her graduation from the University Of Ottawa. She studied human kinetics, and after her graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, CA, USA. Jeanette moves to LA in 1997, due to the fact that she was offered more contracts from South California. Jeanette participated in fitness classes in a couple of studios like Crunch and Sports Club LA and Sunset Boulevard. That’s where she was introduced to many celebrities and sports personalities.

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She is known to cater to her A-listed clients like Christina Applegate, Serena Williams, Robin Thicke Kelly Rowland, Terell Owens, Taryn Manning, Tia Mowry, Amy Weber, and many more. Jeanette recorded her training sessions and released her DVDs that we’re known by the names of “Capacity Yoga” and “Impact The Belly Fat.” These DVDs we’re ranked in the Top 10 DVDs by the wellness magazine. Jeanette also published her book “Jeanette Jenkins: Hollywood Trainer: 21 Day Total Body Circuit.” Other DVDs like “The Hollywood Trainer Ab Blast”, “The Hollywood Trainer Cardio Sculpt” and “The Hollywood Trainer Butt And Thigh Blast”, we’re well known and watched by fitness enthusiasts.

She has been active on her social media as she posts regularly to guide people for a healthy lifestyle. Jeannette wants to be an inspiration for all the people and she works hard, she stands on her motto “Push past the challenge and you will receive your breakthrough. Don’t ever give up.” Her podcast “MyWorkout: Powered By Podfitness.com” was aired on Lifetime TV.
One of Jeanette’s biggest projects was a collaborative effort with Academy-winning on-screen character “Jane Fonda.” The “Team Jane Fonda’s Workout” was a “Target” exclusive and it was a big milestone for Jeanette.

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Jeanette also won $500,000 as she became the first woman ever to win the reality dare show “Fear Factor.”

Jeanette made multiple tv appearances with “Oprah”, “The Doctors”, “Dr.Oz” and “The Tyra Banks Show”.

Jeanette Jenkins Dating History And Marriage Details

The news of Jeanette Jenkins planning a lesbian marriage got viral when was caught sharing an intimate moment with her former client/girlfriend “Queen Latifah” during one of their training sessions on her yacht. Jeanette was Queen’s trainer and as they spent most of the time together, they created a bond. Jeanette is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, but she announced herself straight as she is dating a 22-year-old young man named Johnny. They both are living happily in their LA home.