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James Ransone Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

James Ransone is an American actor born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He is famous for his role as Ziggy Sobotka in the second season of the movie The wire. James Ransone shares the same name as his father James Finley Ransone II while his mother’s name is Joyce Ransone. James Ransone is of a mixed race ethnicity; Italian, English, Irish and German descent.

James Ransone Bio: Age, Parents, Siblings, Early Life

James Ransone father was a Vietnam veteran. (Soldier). He went to school at the George Washington Carver Centre for Arts and technology. James Ransone further went to get a degree from the school of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

James Ransone is a successful actor in his industry. However, he developed an heroin addiction at the of 27 years. In this time, he also incurred a debt of about $30000. This actor is super talented as he went to Namibia to immerse himself into his new role as Cpl.

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It seems like James Ransone likes to fight social justice, this is because he once saved his neighbour from being raped. On that day, he heard his neighbour cry for help while he was dressing up in his New York apartment for his audition. He fought off the rapist from having his way forcefully with his neighbour. Although, he was able to stop the rape, the culprit got away before the police arrived. James Ransone is a former bass player for the band, Early man.

James Ransone Dating History And Marriage Details

Can you believe that your favourite celebrity James Ransone was once molested as a child? This year 2021, he finally took to his Instagram to share his story about how he was molested by his math tutor Timothy Raulo, as a child. He reported this case to Baltimore county police in 2020 but the case was swept under the carpet and dismissed. An investigation by the Baltimore school system is still unresolved.

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James Ransone also shared that he grew up in an abusive family with little or no parental guidance. His tutor, Timothy knew this and took advantage of him instead of guiding him on the right path.

James Ransone was once spotted with Actress Natasha Lyonne when he accompanied her to IFP Gotham independent film awards in New York city, 2013. There were speculations about the two of them dating each other. However, their relationship seem to be brief as we stopped seeing both together.

James Ransone has also dated another actress Chloe Sevigny. However, the two of them broke off the relationship in 2008. Asides these past relationship, James Ransone has keep his love life private from the media. So, it is quite hard to know who his new heartthrob may be or if he is still dating.

James Ransone is currently married to Jamie McPhee with whom he has a son.

James Ransone Net Worth, Cars And Houses

James Ransone is a successful actor that have made name for himself in the film industry. His main source of income if from his acting career. James Ransone estimated net worth about $3 million.

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James Ransone Career Details

James Ransone started out his career when he co-starred in the Harmony Korine movie, Ken park. In 2010, he was cast for a recurring role in the HBO comedy series, How to make it in America. Two years later, he got another role in the movie, scarlet. He has since appeared in several movies and TV series of different genres, comedy, crime or horror movies. Below are list of some of your movies and TV series that he has appeared just to mention a few.

James Ransone has acted in the following TV shows like the Timber, Tangerine, Cymberline, Mr. Right, in the valley of violence, conventional etc. He has also appeared in a number of TV series like Law and Order, the wire, CSI: crime scene investigation, Jericho, General kill, Hawaii 5-0 , Treme, low winter sun etc.

James Ransone won 2013 independent spirit award- Robert Altman awards.