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James Cracknell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

James Edward Cracknell is an athlete who is a citizen of England. This man borned in 5th May 1972 at Sutton,London. James is a rowing champion and achieved a double gold medal in the Olympics. For all his achievements his name was written in the honor list and appointed as OBE in 2004.

James Cracknell Education Details

James attended his school in Kingston Grammar. He completed his bachelors from University Of Reading in 1993. Then he got a PGCE from Institution of Education. Cracknell had his post graduation in 1999 from Brunel University. The thrust of learning never ended for him so he got admitted in Mphil and completed it from Cambridge .

James Cracknell Career Details

Cracknell started his career by rowing for Junior World Champions and won a gold medal in 1990. He competed in many world-rowing competitions. His peak years were started from 1997 prolonged to 1998 the 1999 and finally in 2000 he won the most awaited medals of 1st position in international olympic. He got a position in the team of four who were performing for rowing representing England.

He swiped his position from rowing to strokeside with Pinset in doubles and achieved victory in the world championships in 2001 and 2002. After a failure in 2003 he was shifted to the men’s coxless fours. He and his partners won 1st position in 2004 in Greece after beating the former team of Canada. He also owns some good records besides these competitions.

This man took the decision to end his competitive rowing career in 2006 and declared that the competitions are becoming a little stressful for him so he wanted to quit.

Though James is a sports man he also has some good skills as a presenter and he pursued this career and recently working in ITV and Channel4 as the sports person and commentator. As a writer he also writes columns in papers. He is also co-author of the book-The Crossing: Conquering the Atlantic in the World’s Toughest Rowing Race.

As a man full of potential he is also a politician who was selected from the conservative party of UK in the year of 2014 but luck did not favour him to get a seat finally in the parliament.

James Cracknell Brain Injury

Cycling was one of his favourite things but this hobby nearly killed him. There was a major incident that made him suffer for a long time, it was also a reason for his separation.He had a road accident from a truck in 2010 and had a brain damage. From that time he got some issues with his behavior.

James Cracknell Net Worth

Total asset evaluation of James is around $3 million dollars. He got some fancy real estate properties and cars. Nobody can exactly measure how much money actually he has but from different sources of income and other calculations this is an approximate amount.

James Cracknell Dating History

An attractive man like this is sexually straight and dating actively. Currently he is involved with a charismatic and young woman. In Spite of being aged he is still dating actively.

James Cracknell Girlfriend

No man misses a chance to date a young and beautiful lady. James is also dating a girl who is actually graduating now. The name of this woman is Jordan Connell. She is a little younger but as we all know love has no limit so at this point of life James and Jordan fell in love and are proceeding towards a permanent bond.

James Cracknell Ex-Wife

Every human once in their lifetime wants to have a family. This man got a family with gorgeous Beverly Turner. This couple had a long time relationship for 17 years since 2002 and for some sad reason they had to get apart in 2019. After the cycle accident of James there was a gap between them and from that event this couple could not get along together again.

James Cracknell Kids

Children are loved by everyone. Cracknell is also blessed with three children with his first wife. He has a son named Croyed, the other two daughters are kiki and Trixie. They are all grown up now and have a healthy relationship with their father.

James Cracknell Body Measurements

Good physique is the key of a sports man and James has a good body. His height is 193.04 CM and weight is 97 kg.