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Jaiden Animations Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jaiden’s full name is Jaiden Kiyomi Dittfach before she become famous on YouTube as Jaiden animations. She was born to her parent Hugo and Lynn Dittfach in Arizona, USA. Jaiden’s mother is Japanese while her father is half Japanese, Half Caucasian. Her parents are migrants from Canada to USA. Jaiden parents live a private lifestyle such that her mother who is on Instagram made her account private.

Jaiden Animations Siblings And Education Details

Jaiden Animations also has a younger brother Jaxen Dittfach. He is popularly known as Jax and was born in 2001. Jax went to the same high school as Jaiden called Red mountain high school. He also took after his sister by owning a YouTube channel which he named Jax Films. Hugo who is Jaiden’s dad is the founder of HD appraisals. It is a real estate appraisal company which he is the CEO.

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Jaiden Animations Career Details

Jaiden Animations is an American YouTuber, Animator, and music artist. She went viral and famous when she published the video, iHasCupquake. Jaiden Animations is famous for making animation videos based on her real-life experiences. She started her career in YouTube in 2014 and rose to fame doing what she loves. Jaiden Animations loved playing video games and drawing as a child. She also took part in sport like Karate and Tennis. Asides sports, she learned to play the violin and piano.


Jaiden Animations loves to play Pokémon games. Her favorite is Blaziken. However, she does not like the newer versions of Pokémon games. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Jaiden Animations Education Details

Jaiden Animations attended Red mountain high school in Arizona. She is currently pursuing a degree from Arizona University.

Jaiden Animations Dating History And Marriage Details

Jaiden Animations is a private person. So, it is quite hard to get information about her personal life. Although her animation videos are about her life. There is no clue as to whether is single or dating from these videos. However, you can infer that she was once stood up on a date from one of the videos that she shared. So, we are unable to tell if she is dating or single now. She has no kids.

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Jaiden Animations Health Issues

Jaiden Animations while in college suffered from eating disorders Anorexia and Bulimia. She is now better and made a music video with David Brown about this disorder which she called “empty”. Jaiden Animations is now a Vegan.

Asides her health issues, Jaiden describes herself as Awkward, self-conscious, and anxious. She has also suffered from depression and anxiety.

Jaiden Animations Net Worth

Jaiden Animations is a successful YouTuber in her own field. She is one of the most famous animation youtubers. With over 8 million subscribers, each video on her channel has at least 15 million views.

Yearly, she earns an average of 990K and her net worth is estimated as $4 million. She also sells plushes, backpack and stickers for shirts and hoodies. Her store is Jaidenanimations.com. You can easily patronize her from her store front online.

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Jaiden Animations Cars And Houses

Jaiden Kiyomi was interested from childhood in drawing and playing video games. She is a self-taught Animator. Jaiden has collaborated with various youtubers in the industry like TheOdd1sOut, Boyinaband, SomeThingElseYT etc. Jaiden Animations interest in her field in animations may be drawn from her childhood hobby of drawing and playing games.

Jaiden Animations started her career by working and learning under established youtubers. She helped them in creating animations for their channel. In 2014, she started her own channel which she named Jaiden Animations at age 17.

Jaiden Animations has been able to grow her channel to about 8 million subscribers with over 1 billion views. She is one of the most popular animators trending on YouTube currently. Jaiden Animations owns and drives a Honda Car.