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Jack Cafferty Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jack Cafferty (79) is an American TV show host and commentator. He was born on December 14, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Cafferty’s parents are Jean Cafferty and Tom Cafferty. He grew up in Reno, Nevada. He has a brother named Terry Cafferty.
His father was an alcoholic and Cafferty who is a recovering alcoholic attributed his addiction to the influence from his father. Cafferty lives on Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

Jack Cafferty Career Details

Cafferty started as a children’s show host in 1961, in Nevada. In the next ten years he served as station production manager in KCRL TV and was a daytime talk show host in Missouri. In 1974, he became the weeknight anchor and news director as WHO TV in Iowa.

In 1977 Cafferty joined WNBC in New York City where he anchored several signature news programs, such as Live at Five, a nightly hour-long news program, and the Scarborough-Cafferty Report and in 1979 became the anchor of the Strictly Business, a weeknight newscast and a successful show during his 11-year tenure with the station. From 1989-1992, Cafferty anchored Newsline New York, a nightly news and interview format program on WNYW-TV, as well as co-anchoring the evening broadcast for Fox 5 News at 7. Cafferty shifted to QNYW in 1989 and then to WPIX in 1992. Cafferty anchored the News at 10 on New York’s WB-11 from 1992-1998. He joined CNN in 1993. He was paid $275 thousand at WNBC and $230 thousand at Live at Five. While at CNN he joined The Situation Room in 2005, which had a viewership of 2 million and upwards, hosted the CNN’s weekday morning broadcast and hosted a five-part miniseries called Broken Government which was a commentary on the two-party political system and the federal court system in the US. He left CNN in November 2012.

Jack Cafferty Awards And Nominations

He has won several awards and distinctions in his career such as the Edward Murrow Award and an Emmy Award as well as the New York Associated Press State Broadcasters Award.

Jack Cafferty Critics

Cafferty has been a prolific commentator with a career spanning decades and has made several controversial remarks on various matters in his capacity as a commentator. He was a harsh critic of the Bush Administration, the Democratic party and equated liberals with communists. He has also made controversial remarks about the Middle East, once stating that it would be better for a woman from the Middle East to live in an American jail than to live as a citizen in those countries.

He has also been openly critical of the Chinese government calling them thugs and goons. He has had controversial stands about Donald Rumsfield (calling him a war criminal) Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi as well.

Jack Cafferty Controversies

Cafferty was caught in charges of reckless driving, harassment and assault, when he struck a cyclist in 2003. He had run two red lights before hitting the cyclist. Cafferty pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a $250 fine and 70 hours of community service.

Jack Cafferty Dating History And Marriage Details

Cafferty has been open about his struggles with alcoholism and admits that it almost tore his family apart and it was because of his wife Carol Cafferty’s efforts he could later give up at the age of forty-five. He drew inspiration from his uncle who was also a recovered alcoholic. Jack and Carol met when he was a local news anchor in Kansas City. The couple married in 1973 and were together for thirty-five years, before she died in 2008. This was revealed on air, on the September 5, 2008 episode of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. The couple have four children including Leslie Katheryn Cafferty and Leigh Marie Cafferty, and five grandchildren.

Jack Cafferty Writing Career

Cafferty has written two books: “Getting Ugly Out There: The Frauds, Bunglers, Liars, and Losers Who Are Hurting America”, published on September 10, 2007 and “Now or Never: Getting Down to the Business of Saving Our American Dream” was published on March 9, 2009.

Jack Cafferty Net Worth

He has a net worth of over $ 1 million USD.