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Israel Houghton Career Has Been Tremendous. Find Out About Divorcing Meleasa Houghton, His Family, Net Worth, Marriage

Israel Houghton, fondly credited in the world of music as Israel & New Breed, is a star singer from Houston, Texas. He also has written multiple records and directed countless gospel music videos.

When not doing production work, he is part of the Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church worship team, where he serves as the lead vocalist. To top his immense singing talent, the 48-year old plays keyboards, guitar, and other key instruments.

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Israel Houghton Career Details

Israel has been blessing Christianity with his melodious voice for 22 years now. He is best known for popularizing contemporary gospel music in the US and beyond, although he still has a key interest in soul and praise & worship genres.

The first album that brought Israel to the limelight was Whisper It Loud, released in early 1997. Four years later, he took the gospel music industry by storm by releasing “New Season” and later translating it to Spanish, Nueva Generación.

Today, Israel has tons of albums under his belt, the latest being a 2018 release titled The Road To DeMaskUs. The album is doing impressively well, ranking 2nd and 15th in the 2019 lists of Top Gospel Albums and Top Christian Albums respectively.

Israel Houghton Serial winning

Great efforts never go unrewarded, and Israel’s serial winning over his 22-year career is testament of that. The renowned singer has won many GMA Dove Awards, including Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year award on several occasions and Traditional Gospel Album of the Year Duets in 2014.

Houghton’s projects have been nominated for more than 20 times in different prestigious categories, ranging from Grammy, GMA Dove, to Stellar Awards. He has, for example, won 5 Grammy Awards since 2006, the latest being the “Best Gospel Album” in 2015 for his album “Alive In Asia”. He has also been named the Male Vocalist of the Year once by Stellar Awards.

Israel Houghton Divorcing Meleasa Houghton

Israel was ministering at Houghton’s Ministry when he met, fell in love with, and married Meleasa Houghton in 1994. Their marriage lasted for 22 years, during which period they were blessed with three kids.

Divorcing Meleasa was a bold step by the singer because the couple had grown to be admired by millions of people world over. As a matter of fact, news of their divorce attracted tons of controversies and threatened to damage Israel’s good reputation. It is a good thing that he came out strong.

Israel Houghton Marrying Adrienne Houghton

Israel didn’t waste any time after divorcing Meleasa as in November 2016, he married his newfound love, Adrienne “Bailon” Houghton. Theirs was a colorful wedding that was held in Paris.

Adrienne, a 35yr-old talk show host and singer, was rumored to have been the primary cause of Israel and Meleasa’s divorce. Whether that was factual or not, Israel looks very happy with her. The couple recently revealed that they are trying to have a baby together, but they haven’t been successful yet.

Israel Houghton Social Media Presence

Israel is working hard to increase his Instagram followership that currently stands at 490k followers. His YouTube channel, on the other hand, has about 130K subscribers.

Israel Houghton Net Worth

There isn’t sufficient proof of Israel’s net worth or annual compensation, but it is estimated that he is worth $8 million or more.