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Is WWE Hardcore Champion Trish Stratus Really A Lesbian? Find Out

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World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. popularly known as WWE came into being in the year 1980. Over the years it has become a multimillion dollar company. Though WWW events are not considered legitimate yet it’s extremely popular all over the world. This could be due to the uniqueness of its fights and extremely good body shapes of the contestants both men and women.

About Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus, a Canadian, is perhaps the most famous female superstar of WWE. She was just a Canadian fitness model who went on to become one- time WWE Hardcore Champion, three – time WWE Babe of the year. She won the most women’s championships in the history of WWE seven in all. She was also proclaimed Diva of the Decade and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the year 2013.
The reason of her extreme popularity could be the sexually themed storylines which started right from the beginning of her career with WWE. She was extremely beautiful with immense sex appeal.

Trish Stratus Early Stages

In the beginning she was managing the team Test and Albert popularly known as T and A. These two were the superstars of WWE during the year 2000-2001. This team was obsessed with sexuality in such a way that it was jokingly called Tits and Ass. Trish managed the team not due to her wrestling skills but her sex appeals. In fact jokes related to her sex appeal and exposures made her team more popular than others. This storyline ended with Test’s injury.

Trish Stratus Love story And Dating History

She, then, got involved with Vince Mcmahon, the owner of WWE. Their love story was perhaps the most exciting story in the history of WWE. It contained not only love but also hatred of such a high order that could be termed as insulting for Trish. The story became so controversial that Stephanie Mcmahon, the daughter of Vince Mcmahon became enraged and revolted. Vince took his daughter’s side in the end and insulted Trish during a team match with Regal and Stephanie. They even dumped rubbish on her. Later Vince addressed her as “a toy that he has become tired of playing”. On another occasion, she was forced to strip down into her black bra and panty in the ring.

Trish Stratus Lesbian Relations

Another a sexier storyline is the lesbian relations of Trish with Mickie James. This is, perhaps, the only story of its kind in the history of WWE. James was obsessed with Trish and called herself the biggest fan of Trish despite the fact that they were rivals in the ring. Their relationship was known to the world on December 26, 2005 on RAW episode when James got involved in an intimate kiss with Trish in the ring. This relationship ended after about nine months. Perhaps it was Trish who did not want to continue.

Her Love Triangle

The most interesting love triangle of Trish was revealed in the year 2003 between Chris Jericho, Christian and Trish. Jericho was dating Trish due to which his relations with his tag team partner Christian deteriorated to such an extent that it got reflected in their fight at Wrestlemania XX when they fraught like personal enemies. Though Trish was with Jericho yet she accidentally hit him which made Christian victorious. At that point of time it was revealed by Trish that she was married to Christian.

The storylines has helped Trish in gaining popularity which is being used by her to shape her career after retirement from WEE.

Quick Facts About Trish Stratus

Name: Trish Stratus
Net Worth: 6 Million
Spouse: Ron Fisico on 30th Sept 2006
Children: 2
Lives in: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Debut: 19 March 2000