Is Sybil Wilkes Married Or Dating Boyfriend? Know Her Age, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements

Sybil Wilkes first came to the limelight after she joined the morning radio talk show, Tom Joyner. However, many people did not know much about her as her private life remained secret for a very long time. To date, there is no much to say about her birth date, age, and family life. However, she was born in Chicago Illinois as Sybil Wilkes, a name she still uses in her career.

Sybil Wilkes Career Details

Although here career life is not public either, there are patches of information about her, and you can only get to know a few things about her. Since she came to the limelight as a radio show Co-Host, many people would think her career began there, but there is much more about her. She has had past works that have been a stepping stone to her long-term career.

Sybil didn’t join the show midway but rather is a pioneer of the now-famous show. She began it alongside J. Anthony Brown who exited in 2016 and Tom Joyner who is still part of it. The trio first hit the airwaves in 1994, and within a short time, their show became a favorite in the United States.
As mentioned earlier, her career life dates back earlier than in 1994. She first worked as a production assistant in the eighties. At the time, she was working at WKQX-FM but later worked with several other radio stations. WINK-AM/FM, Florida, WCKZ-FM, North Carolina and WRCC-FM in Florida are some of the stations she worked for in that period.

In 1990, she broadened her skills by working for Shadow Traffic Network, Chicago as a reporter. In that period, she met Tom Joyner and that marked the birth of the Tom Joyner show. He became both his boss and co-host. From then, she became a household name far and wide.

Like many professionals, Sybil does not only pursue a radio career. She has many other side hustles that help her make more money. Previously, Sybil has taken up acting roles most remarkably in the Tom Joyner Sky show and the movie ‘Madea goes to jail.’ Also, she has done several high-profile interviews, including one with Barrack Obama and even Bill Clinton. Her salary and net worth are estimated at $90,000 and $1.2 million respectively.
Also, Sybil is an influencer for Avid, an American technology, and multimedia company. There, she began a book club in 1996 that later became a big success. Through the club, she organized several events that showcased activities such as book signing and various authors and novelists’ meetings. However, her primary source of income is that famous show. Her departure announcement in September did not go well with her listeners.

Sybil Wilkes is one of the most influential celebrities. Other than building a successful career, she has encouraged and helped many to grow and become better citizens. The morning show Sybil co-hosts has extensive coverage and a vast number of listeners who she speaks to. As mentioned earlier, there may not be a lot about her on the internet, and that could be because she does not like attention. Even her exact age could be daunting to find out because she has also kept her birth date secret. Only some bits of her work-related information is available, and that is what matters most.

Is Sybil Wilkes Married Or Dating Boyfriend?

About her love life, Sybil has always kept it to herself. Most of her fans do not know what happens behind the scenes, and even searching about it online cannot help you get enough information. However, recently there was a photo of her with a young man that caused a social media stir. Her fans wanted to know whether the two were love birds, but due to her privacy, the questions are still unanswered. Remember, there is no evidence of her having a kid or husband, which makes it even hard to understand her love life.

Sybil Wilkes Personal Life

Also, she lives in Dallas, Texas, while she was born and raised in Chicago. Therefore, she is not a Dallas native, as many would think. She is a photography lover and also sports and politics enthusiast. Sometimes you may see posts related to these hobbies on her Instagram. Later on, at Bennet College, she got an award of an honorary degree.

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