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Is Pauly Shore Gay or this is Just A Rumor?

This actor, Director and writer by the name Pauly Shore is an American comedian. Pauly Shore is known for his work in comedies such Son in law, Jury duty among others. He first debuted in the comedy industry in the year 1987 while he was at the age of 17 years old.

Immediately after graduating from High school, Pauly Shore decided not to join college but rather to venture into the acting industry.

However, the career of Pauly Shore in the comedy industry didn’t last for so long.

In the 1990s his acting career declined and therefore he ventured into stand-up comedy. In the year 2016 a survey was carried out on celebrities to determine their net worth. The net worth of Pauly Shore was found to be more than 15 million US dollars. This is all that led to his acting career and his current stand-up comedy shows. It is through his humorous nature that he was able to acquire the nickname “The weasel”.

Is Pauly Shore Gay?

There have been a lot of rumors circulating with information that Pauly Shore is gay. However, he has not confirmed this rumor. Pauly Shore has had a total of 12 relationships with various famous people including actors and fellow comedians.

Pauly Shore with girlfriend Savannah
Pauly Shore with girlfriend Savannah

Having never married before, the relationship status of Pauly Shore has been questioned as to whether he is gay, bisexual or straight. Pauly Shore has been in Contrary to the rumorsbecause his past relationships have all been with women except for the current relationship. The women who have dated Pauly Shore are Deborah Laufer, Savannah, Kylie Minogue, Brandy Alexandra, Jewel De’ngle, Jill St Mark, Kina Tavarozi, Midori, Jillian Grace, Tiffani Thiessen, as well as Wafar Debor.

Pauly Shore with girlfriends Kina Tavarozi (Right) and Tiffani Thiessen (Left)
Pauly Shore with girlfriends Kina Tavarozi (Right) and Tiffani Thiessen (Left)

As per now, Pauly Shore is in a relationship with Alex Noble. This is the only guy that Pauly is said to be involved with ever since he began dating. Until he confirms it we are stuck in the middle of whether he is really gay or bisexual.

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Short Bio of Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore was born to Mitzi Shanz and Sammy Shore on the 1st February the year 1968 as Paul Montgomery Shore. Both of the parents to Pauly Shore were in the comedy industry. His mother by the name Mitzi Shanz was the founder of the comedy store while his father Sammy shore was a comedian.

Pauly Shore with father Sammy Shore
Pauly Shore with father Sammy Shore

Since Pauly Shore was raised in such a family it’s not a surprise that he became a comedy for a lifetime career. Despite the fact that Pauly Shore was born in Hollywood California, he was raised Jewish. He grew up in Beverly Hills California and attended California High School from where he graduated in the year 1986. It was immediately after graduating from High school that Pauly Shore decided to fully get into the comedy industry. He was only 17 years then so we can conclude that he began his career at a very young age.

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