Is Miz Cracker Dating Secretly? Know Her Age, Ethnicity, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Maxwell Heller is an American drag Queen, popularly known as Miz Cracker. She’s a content writer, television personality, comedian, and a functional advocate for LGBT rights.

Miz Cracker Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Early Life

She was born on the 19 April 1983 in Washington DC, USA. Although she has a Jewish background, as her parents were from a Jewish community. Before she came into the limelight, she worked as a school teacher , where she taught English Lessons to the Senegalese, and in exchange, her students helped her learn Wolof, an African language.

Erstwhile, Miz Cracker was outspoken of her Jewish background, as it was also seen via her works and she appraised Judaism for not preventing her from accomplishing her dreams. Miz is one of the richest and famous comedienne in United States.

Miz is an amazing writer who has been writing for slate since 2014 and she was also given an accolades for her excellence in column writing in 2016. Growing up from a low income earner family, made her see life from an entirely different perspective, hence, she’s a huge fan of social justice and an activist of gender inequality.

Miz Crackers Career Details

Initially, in building up her career in entertainment industry, Miz had a hard time battling with identity issues and body malformation, as she felt they was a ravishing woman stuck in a man’s body, which prevented her from dressing and looking gorgeous. The condition of not being able to adapt to the circumstances regarding her sexuality instigated suicide to her. Nevertheless, Miz was transformed after she accidentally had an encounter with Bob in her early 20s. Bob was discovered by Americans for his integrity, creativity, hilariousness and an amazing self esteem after she bagged up the crown of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s season eight. Having met with Bob was the best thing that could happen to her, as Bob mentored and encourage her into bring out the talent of a beautiful woman in her for the whole world to see.

Miz Cracker drag career kicked off when she decided to join drag queen demonstration, anchored by Bob. She was hesitant to join initially, after much persuasion by Bob, she eventually joined the drag queen demonstration. Not quite long, Miz was privilege to lunch her career in 2011, when she participated in Bob’s marches for marriage equality. Miz became the fans favorite, after she secured fifth the position in the Season Ten of Rupaul’s Drag Race, TV show.

Is Miz Cracker Dating Boyfriend Or Married To Husband?

Miz Cracker keeps her relationship life private. Although it was disclosed on twitter 5th April 2015, that she had a boyfriend who was married but she didn’t disclosed his identity. Currently Miz is not in a relationship, she’s possibly single, as she hasn’t disclosed her relationship status.

Miz Cracker Net Worth

In accordance to Forbes and Wikipedia, Miz Cracker’s accumulated net worth is $1.5 million. She’s into online sales of merchandise, it’s also revealed that she earns more than $3000 annually from her YouTube channel, where she has about 850,000 YouTube subscribers.

Miz Cracker Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Miz actual body weight is not disclose for now. But from her appearance we could see that she has a tall and slim stature. According to online sources she’s about five feet and five inches tall (1.5 meters tall).

Miz Cracker Family, Parents

For all we know, Miz is from a Jewish heritage. Her parents named her in honour of those who were killed during the 2nd world war as a result of Germany’s attempt to eliminate all Jewish, as some where imprisoned with severe punishment, while others were killed in Nazi concentration camp. Although Miz hasn’t disclose vital information about his real family but she once said, she grew up in a poor family, which made her more closer to the females in her family.

On mother’s day celebration 2014, Miz was asked to express herself on her view about mother’s day celebration. She said it was easy for her to celebrate her real mother, but her drag queen mother was way too special, as it was her drag queen mother, Bob, who found her and revive life in her. She said her drag queen mother gave her another chance to live again through lashes and scintillating beauty. Miz see Bob has her mother, according to her, Bob has been always there for her, felicitating her victory, encouraging her to learn from her failures and challenging her to think and dream big. Miz indeed sincerely appreciate Bob for being her drag mother.

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