Is Minnie Driver Married Or Dating Boyfriend? Know His Nationality, Career, Net Worth

Amelia Fiona Driver, popularly known as Minnie Driver is a British-American actress, singer, and songwriter.

She was born on January 31st, 1970 in Marylebone, City of Westminster, England. Her parents were Charles Ronald Driver who was a businessman and Gaynor Churchward, a designer and a former model. Her mother was a mistress to her father and the two never married. They eventually separated when Minnie was aged six.

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Minnie Driver Education Details

Minnie went to Bedales School in Hampshire where she boarded. While schooling, Minnie spent her holidays in Barbados, where her father lived. Later, she joined the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic art before progressing to Collingham College in Kensington.

Minnie Driver Career Details

Minnie made her debut on television when she did an advertisement for Right Guard deodorant in 1991. The same year, she got into the stage, performing as a jazz vocalist and guitarist. In 1995, Minnie made entry into acting, taking a major role in the Circle of Friends, opposite the industry’s heavyweights Chris O’Donnell and Colin Firth. She did supporting roles in Goldeneye (1995), Sleepers (1996), and Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) amongst others. In 1997, she had a role opposite Matt Damon which she did so well that she got a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Over the years, Minnie demonstrated her prowess in the industry. She had roles in various movies and continued to perform jazz to supplement her income. Her consistency in the movie industry saw her grow in popularity and fame. Her highest rated performance was in Good Will Hunting (1997) while her lowest rating came from Slow Burn (2000).

In 2007, Minnie went back to television, in the show dubbed Riches hosted by the FX Network. In 2010, she took a starring role in the television series The Deep. She also played a role in Barney’s Version – a comedy-drama that won her a Genie Award for Best Supporting Actress. Coupled with many appearances in different films and movies, Minnie has managed to remain afloat in the highly competitive industry over the years.

In the music industry, Minnie’s career was also flourishing. The girl who started singing while in boarding school joined the Milo Roth Band. She later signed with EMI and Rounder Records, doing her first song and later launching her first album which hit number 34 in the UK in 2001. In July 2007, she released her second album, Sea stories. Her third album ‘Ask me’ was released in 2014.

With a flourishing career in two industries, Minnie became the wonder kid and as of 2019, she is estimated to be worth $20 million. Her annual earnings remain unknown. Most of her empire is built on proceeds from her acting career, in which she has devoted more time compared to her music career. Her investments largely remain unknown.

Minnie Driver House

Minnie owns a house in Los Angeles, California where she lives. It is estimated to be worth over $1.5 million in value. She drives an Audi.

Minnie DriverEarly Life

Minnie driver, right from childhood had unstable relationships. Her family separated when she was six years old, sending her to boarding school later and therefore she did not have much of family love.

Minnie DriverDating History

Enter the dating scene and poor Minnie is still trying her luck. She has had previous relationships, all ending in breakups. In 1997, Minnie dated John Cusack while they were playing lead roles in Grosse Pointe Blank. The two took off quite well. Previously, she had dated Matt Damon. Then came Josh Brolin in 2001 but the relationship did not go on as expected. Later that year, she dated Chris Isaak but it still did not work. When she was working on a set of The Riches, Minnie met Timothy J Lea and the two hit off together. It is during the relationship that Minnie conceived and brought forth a son, Henry Story, born on 5th September 2008. The two split before Henry was born. Others rumored to have had a thing with Minnie include Neville Wakefield Chris Kavanagh and Addison O’Dea.

Minnie Driver Bio: Age, Zodiac, Birthday, Nationality

Born on 31st January 1970, Minnie is currently 50 years of age. She belongs to the star sign Aquarius that is associated with deep thinkers, highly intellectual and loving people who thrive on mind-stimulating activities, otherwise, they get bored and demotivated.

In late 2017, Minnie got American citizenship.

Minnie Driver Body Measurements

Minnie stands 1.78 meters in height, weighs 69Kgs, and has wavy dark-brown hair and dark-brown eyes. She has a tattoo of a rose flower on her upper thigh. Her hobbies include hiking and surfing.

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