Is McCall Zerboni Dating Secretly Or Is She Married? Find Out Her Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career

You would be amazed and shocked to know that McCall Zerboni has the record of being the oldest player of the United States of America who has been selected into the women’s national team. Even more interesting fact is that she had indeed claimed the honor of Player of the Game in her first two caps.

Zerboni is a woman with the heart of steel with a lot of achievements under her belt for a long time. At present, she is part of the North Carolina Courage club playing in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Her position in the game is midfielder and has a lot of history which is covered smooth and securely with her gorgeous smiles. She has a lot of talent that helped immensely in winning matches for the club as well as the national team.

Is McCall Zerboni Dating Secretly?

Every fan of her and audience of the American soccer are puzzled with questions like is McCall married? If so, who is her husband? To everyone’s surprise, there isn’t any good reliable information about this life of her. She maintains these matters highly confidential and hence nobody knows what truth is underlying there. But, one can rightly not deny the possibility that she must be dating someone potential to be her husband.

For the outside world, Zerboni is a woman who associates much with her own family and this can be derived from the fact that much of her social media profile contains a vast number of photos of Zerboni with her brother Gage Zerboni.

McCall Zerboni Net Worth

There are no proper reports of her net worth publicly. However, Zerboni’s net worth can be estimated by taking into account her salaries. She is a popular player and also, plays in the National Women’s Soccer League. An average NSWL player earns a decent amount between the range of $16,000 to $46,000.

She spends a luxurious life as it can be interpreted from her social media photos apart from vacations and parties. Apart from the salary from playing soccer, she has various deals and endorsements signed up and they do fetch an attractive sum. Thus, Zerboni’s net worth could be worth of handsome figures.

McCall Zerboni Bio: Age, Parents, Education

McCall Zerboni was born on the 13th of December in 1986 to James and Lindy Zerboni. This means that her current age(as of 2019) is 33 years. Her birthplace was Camarillo, California, United States. Her interest in soccer developed when she watched the US national team lift the 1999 Women’s World Cup and her impact making the journey in soccer have started from there. During her freshman year, she earned the name of CIF Offensive Player of the Year. She has attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and has represented women’s soccer team of Bruins from 2005 to 2009.

McCall Zerboni Personal Life

While she was young, McCall was superstitious and used to follow many rituals and routines. After a match is done, the first thing she does on returning home is to take fluids as much as possible to avoid dehydration issues. She loves to see the people caring for each other rather than being too selfish and reserved in their own space.

McCall Zerboni Career Details

At present, Zerboni represents North Carolina Courage club. Her experience as a soccer player is very vast and exciting. She played for many clubs. Her initial career started with Los Angeles Sol club where she scored one goal and an assist and had made into the playing team for 10 times. In the same year 2009, she signed up with Atlanta Beat.

In the 2013 season of NWSL, she was with Western New York Flash. Her performance during that season recorded a single goal in 20 games that she has played. The subsequent season witnessed three goals and two assists from Zerboni. She teamed up with Portland Thorns FC in 2015 and then with Boston Breakers in 2016. She then played again with Western New York Flash for the remaining part of the 2016 year.

Her milestones include being part of the winning teams such as Western New York Flash who won the NWSL championship in 2016. She was also a player of the North Carolina Courage when the team has won NWSL championship in 2018.

Quick Facts About McCall Zerboni

Full Name: McCall RaNae Zerboni
Date of Birth: 13th December 1986
Birthplace: Camarillo, California, United States of America
Play position: Midfielder
Height: 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m)
Present Team: North Carolina Courage
Represented in:
Southern California Blues – 1996 – 2005
Clemente Wildcats – 2000-2002
Laguana Beach Breakers – 2003-2004
UCLA Bruins – 2005-2008
Vancouver WhiteCaps – 2007
Los Angeles Sol – 2009
Atlanta Beat – 2010
Western New York Flash – 2011-2014
Portland Thorns FC – 2015
Boston Breakers – 2016
Western New York Flash – 2016
North Carolina Courage – 2017 – Till Present
US U-17 – 2003
United States National Team – 2017 – Till Present

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