Is Mason Rudolph Married, Why Did He Fight With Myles Garrett, What Is His Net Worth?

The professional American Footballer, Brett Mason Rudolph III , was born on July 17 1995 at Rock Hill of South Carolina. Ageing 24, this Young man has position of Quarterback in his team, Pittsburgh Steelers. The team has won about 11 AFC championships that won them huge fanbase. Rudolph has completed his his high school from Northwestern which is in Rock Hill only. Ranked 9th best pro-style Quarterback in his class, he chose Oklahoma State University to emphasise on his Football career. Rudolph’s family come from a very normal background. His brother, Logan Rudolph, is also a football player.

Mason Rudolph College Career

Rudolph Entered as Third String behind J.W. Walsh and Daxx Garman. He started his first career game with Baylor when both Walsh and German were injured on the field. This became the kickstarter of the career of Rudolph. He was named ‘Starter for the season 2015’ after naming the victory against Washington. During these games, Rudolph completed 49 of 86 passes for 853 yards, six touchdowns and four interceptions. During the games, he suffered from injuries. But the Win gave him a legacy with Cowboy fans. It is said that Walsh came back with good health, but Rudolph maintained the position of Starter.

Mason Rudolph Professional Details

Participating in NFL Scouting Combine , Rudolph completed majority of drills and skipped three-cone drill, bench press, broad jump and short shuttle drill. On 15 March,2018, After passing all the drills above, It is said, he met with team representatives of various teams like Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants and LA Chargers. After attending private workouts with various giants , he was pick of majority of NFL Draft experts.

Rudolph was selected by Pittsburgh Steelers in 3rd Round. It is reported that Steelers traded their rounds to pick Rudolph. Rudolph signed ~$4 million Contract which included signing bonus of $932,265. Being at backup spot of Ben Roethlisberger, he competed against Landry Jones And Josua Dobbs. Later, Rudolph was named the Third Quarterback of the team. On , it is said that he was inactive in all 16 games played during 2018 season.

In 2019 season,Rudolph was named @nd Quarterback after majority successful preseason performances. Roethlisberger was the starting Quarterback of Pittsburgh Steelers. During a game against Seattle Seahawks , Roethlisberger got himself injured. Rudolph played at behalf of him but the match was lost by 28-26. Roethlisberger , due to elbow surgery had to miss the rest of the season. This made Rudolph, The First Quarterback for Pittsburgh Steelers. Rudolph recorded his win as 1st Quarterback against Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football. Rudolph on October 6, playing against Baltimore Ravens , got hit by Earl Thomas of Ravens and got unconscious. Devlin Hodges played on behalf of Him. On October 16, Rudolph returned flagged victory against Miami Dolphins.

Mason Rudolph Fighting Incidence

During Thursday Night Football , Rudolph and Myles Garrett of Cleveland Browns got into a fight. It was when Rudolph passed and was entangled with Garrett on the ground. Garrett grabbed Rudolph helmet with Rudolph’s Head struck inside. This caused a severe fight between the two. To this, other players indulged.

After this terrible incident, Rudolph was fined for $50,000, which was more than the entire game check. It was reported that Rudolph could appeal for reduced fine if weekly earnings of the player exceeded the fine.

Garret was charged $45,000 fine for swinging Rudolph’s helmet and was indefinitely suspended. Garrett in his explanation, told that Rudolph directed a racial slur at him prior to the brawl. Rudolph denied this charge. The NFL also announced that they found no evidence of racial slur during the game.

Is Mason Rudolph Dating A Girlfriend Or Married To Wife?

As of now, Rudolph is an unmarried guy. He keeps low profile of his relationship status although he is still single. He has dedication towards his family and also has great dedication towards football rather than dating girls.

Net Worth

He is a professional footballer and we expect his net worth in millions surely. He is estimated to have net worth of $1.41 million. This report is not official but it cannot remain un-noticed. It is said that he made $713K in 2018 season. He is estimated to have annual salary of almost $1 million. According, to a report, he said that he ’s satisfied with the earnings.

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