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Is Mario Lopez Jr Married To Wife? Know His Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Career

Mario Lopez Jr. is a renowned entertainment journalist and actor. Born in San Diego, California on the 10th of October, 1973, he will be turning 47 this year. His father, Mario Sr. worked for the town of National City, while his mother, Elvira, was a mobile enterprise worker. Lopez has a younger sister named Marissa Lopez. He was raised in a big, catholic family from Mexico. As a child, he was multi-talented to an astounding degree.

Mario Lopez Jr. Early Life

He did wrestling, karate and tumbling at his local Boys and Girls Club when he was just 7 years old. On top of that, he was also in his high school wrestling team, placing 7th in the state of California and 2nd in the San Diego Section in his senior year attending Chula Vista High School. He was someone who explored all sorts of extra-curricular activities. He graduated in 1991.

Mario Lopez Jr. Body Measurements: Height, Weight

His height comes up to 1.78 metres, or 5.84 feet.

Mario Lopez Jr. Career Details

His profession in acting began when he was just 10 and on his way to a dance recital. A talent agent scouted him, and he started working for local infomercials and small-time jobs. He first hit the big screen in 1984, on an ABC hosted comedy show called “a.k.a Pablo”. However, he is most known for his recurring appearance as A.C Slater in the 1989 TV Series “Saved by the Bell”.

From his presence there, he rose in popularity quite fast, and is recognized often within his fanbase by his trademark dimpled cheeks. He starred in the show for five seasons and also in its two spin-off movies.

He is also an author, and has so far published three non-fiction novels about fitness and one children’s book about him and his daughter. In 1992, he hosted his first series on NBC, called “Name Your Adventure”. He also co-hosted “The X Factor” and “The Wendy Williams Show”, before going on to host his own radio show for Premiere Radio, “ON with Mario Lopez”. Other than that, he has guest starred in many other shows, but has not stayed permanently.

Mario Lopez Jr.Net Worth

From all of his career, he has accrued a hefty net worth of $20 Million over the span of his extensive career.

Mario Lopez Jr.Dating History

As for his love life, Lopez said that his first kiss was with Fergie, with whom he was briefly in a relationship with. They dated for a short time, while the both of them were on Kids Incorporated. In 1993, Lopez was falsely accused of a crime regarding him ignoring a date’s denial of consent, but no evidence was found and multiple witnesses contradicted the allegations.

Mario Lopez Jr. Marriage, Wedding Details

Lopez got married on the 24th of April, 2004 to actress Ali Landry in a Catholic ceremony, but it was short-lived. After only two weeks of matrimony, they split up after Landry found out Lopez was unfaithful to her mere days before their wedding.

Four years later, in 2008, Lopez met Courtney Laine Mazza, an actress, producer, and Broadway dancer. They started dating shortly after, and on the 1st of December, he married her in Mexico.

Mario Lopez Jr. Kids

In 2010, they had their daughter, Gia Francesca Lopez, and in 2013, their son, Dominic Lopez. Both of his children are still young toddlers. Recently, the happy couple has welcomed a second son, Santino Rafael Lopez, into their loving family. Born in July last year, Santino will be turning one in a matter of months! Funnily enough, Santino is the only one of Lopez’s children that got his signature dimples.

Lopez even added in an interview to US Weekly that he is completely up for another child, if his wife is open to the idea. Lopez has always been a family man for his children and wife, and has openly shown in many interviews that he unconditionally loves and treasures all of them, a very commendable trait. Even last year, he celebrated his 11th anniversary with Courtney surrounded by his loved ones, away from paparazzi eyes.