Is Mackenzie Ziegler Dating Boyfriend? Find Out Her Bio, Age Family, Education, Net Worth, Career

Mackenzie Ziegler is a well-known singing and dancing star of America and Europe. She has more than 13 million followers on Instagram to date and 10 million fans on Musically. Whoa, interesting much isn’t it? So, let’s learn more about this amazing celebrity who seems to be famous all over the world.

Mackenzie Ziegler Age, Family And Education

Mackenzie Ziegler or Mackenzie Frances Ziegler was born on June 4, 2004 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was raised up by her mother and step father in Murraysville, Pennsylvania. Sources say, her mother, Melissa Ziegler divorced her father, Kurt Ziegler and remarried Greg Gisoni in in 2013.

Ziegler is blessed with two paternal half-brothers, Ryan and Tyler and an older sister, Maddie who happens to be a singer and dancer as well. It seems like singing and dancing runs in her blood. Well, she also have got two step siblings, Matthew and Michelle.

This beautiful celebrity started dancing at a very young age. She was only two years old when she danced for the Abby Lee Dance Company at Pittsburgh. With her talent and hard work, she two titles in the same.

Is Mackenzie Ziegler Dating?

As far as known Mackenzie is currently single. No proper information is available yet regarding her dating anyone.

However, rumors were always there. First, fans speculated of her dating Johnny Orlando. Some great fans even named them together as ‘Jenzie’. They released a few songs together and also seen in a few pictures which lead on to the spread of this news. It was all past though.

The most recent thing being heard about her is she is said to be dating Ashton Arbab, an Instagrammer with 70K followers or so. Both appeared in a few personal photographs along with a music video which hiked the speculations and anticipations among all her fans. Anyway, we all will be waiting for some official confirmation from her side.

Mackenzie Ziegler Net Worth And Career Details

Ziegler has always been an all-rounder. The slope of her actually rose during 2011-16 when she participated in Lifetime’s reality show called, ’Dance Moms’. She appeared with her mother and sister and garnered a huge no. of fan following through the reality show. Later she was also seen attending dance tours and workshops along with her sister.

In 2014, her first album Mark Z released marking a new beginning of her singing career and in the year, 2018, her second album Phases hit the market. Ziegler accompanied Johnny Orlando in various music tours. She has modeled for various brands including Polo Ralph Lauren.

There have been quite a great number of shows in the kitty of this young star. She starred in high school drama series, ‘Total Eclipse’ and also competed in Dancing with the stars: Juniors. This 14 years old young and beautiful star actress have managed to earn a net worth of around $3 million which is expected to rise more in the future.

Quick Facts About Mackenzie Ziegler

Full Name: Mackenzie Frances Ziegler
Born: June 4, 2008

Parents: Melissa Ziegler Gisoni & Kurt Ziegler
Siblings: One sister; Two Parental Half Brothers & Two Step Siblings
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Polish; German & Italian
Relationship Status: Single

Profession: Singer; Dancer; Model; Philanthropist
Net Worth: $3 million

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