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Is Jordan Carver A Lesbian? Find Out Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Dating History, Kids

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Making her mark in the fashion industry, Jordan Carver is a German model and a strong entrepreneur. She is known for her elegant features, smartness and passion towards her work. With her immense hard work she has taken over the fashion base and has also become an international celebrity who speaks for ‘Redcoon’, a German consumer electronics company. Not just the fashion world knows her name, but social media is also raging as she hits the million followers band. She also boasts a number of 190,000 followers on ‘Twitter’. But actually it was the Facebook which got her career on a roll as her photo shoot pictures and videos became viral within one night, grabbing the attention of millions. She stepped into the career world as a hotel manager and switched to become a makeup artist. And then finally she began her career as a model cum entrepreneur. Since then she has come a long way in her career. In the current time she has a net worth of around $2 million which she has maintained through of her profession.

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Jordan Carver Career Details

After finishing her high school study, she enrolled herself in an apprenticeship in the hotel industry. Joining from here she climbed the position of a hotel manager. After this she shifted herself into the fashion world, but still she was working behind the lenses as a makeup artist for a mega French brand. Finally she took a shot to modelling with the encouragement by a photographer and success came at her doorstep. Later she also started her own website and signed modeling contracts with lingerie and glamour magazines and brands.

For her career growth, she moved to Los Angeles and with time she became an international model. In 2010, she appeared for the first time on television on a ‘WGN Morning News’ show. Till 2011, she made a lot of appearances on Television and then contracted for ‘ZOO’ Magazine. The high point of her career was when she appeared on the cover page of the magazine for six times. She is the first German model to appear on the cover page of the magazine. After this she started her own business and also released a yoga fitness DVD for beginners. All these years with her immense hard work, she was finally able to get the role of an actress in an independent film ‘Who Killed Johnny’. After this she also created a ‘YouTube’ channel by the name ‘JordanCarverTV’ where she has around 100,000 subscribers and uploads fitness videos for her viewers.

Jordan Carver has a wide span of fan following which includes both male and female fans. Her voluptuous figure is quite a thing to admire, but apart from that she is also seen as a role model for the young entrepreneurs. And her natural beauty is also a thing which attracts people from far and wide on social media. With her amazing career insights and also her continuous perseverance, she has finally staged the deserved earnings and recognition.

Jordan Carver Lifestyle

Jordan Carver is a native of Germany and her schooling was quite normal like any regular kid. In her family she has a brother, but apart from that she has never opened up more about her family. During her youth, she grew up like a tomboy playing with her brother and his friends. After her graduation she started to work on her career and stopped pursuing her further studies.

Jordan Carver Dating History, Lesbianism Rumours

She has also been in quite a few relationships but none of them lasted for a long time. And in the middle of this there were also some rumours which stated she was a lesbian.

However, these baseless rumours were shunned by the model by giving a statement that men find it difficult to accept the skin-show. And adding to that she also gets a lot of male attention due to her profession which is also the reason she hasn’t tied the knot yet.

Although in 2016 she gave birth to a baby boy and chosen to not reveal the name of the father yet. In the present day she stays in California and planning to expand her business and find a secure future for her baby.

Jordan Carver Bio: Age Birthday, Birthplace

Jordan Carver was born in January 30, 1986 in Trier, Germany. At present she is a 33 year old model.

Quick Facts About Jordan Carver

Name: Jordan Carver
Age: 33 years old
Birthday: January 30, 1986
Birthplace: Tier, Germany
Nationality: German
Height: 5’6 (168 cm)
Weight: NA
Spouse: David Sebastian (Ex)
Partner: NA
Parents: NA
Children: 1