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Is Hector Lombard Still Dating MMA Fighter Girlfriend Felice Herrig? Find Out Much About His Career And Retirement Rumours

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Fame seeks the Champion and it is not the other way around. Hector Lombard stands atop as a living testimony for those wise words.

The famous Cuban Australian professional mixed martial artist didn’t limit himself to just that. Be it bodybuilding or judo, he became the undisputable champion of that sport. Yes, this bodybuilder, the former Olympic judoka and competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a middle weight.

Born on February 2, 1978, this 41-year-old fighter is fondly called by his fans as “Lightning” Lombard. His other nick name is “Showeather”. To the curious of those, his full name is Hector Miguel Lombard Pedrosa.

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Hector Lombard Career Details

Since 2004 till now Lombard remains an active professional sportsman. In Judo he owns a 4th degree black belt and he represented Cuba in Olympic judo competition in his early years. He received 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from his ATT head coach Marcus “Conan” Silveria.

Lombard’s battle grounds include PRIDE, Cage Fighting Championship, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Australian Fighting Championship. He was the first Bellator Middleweight Champion.

Presently he resides in Florida, United States at Boco Retan. There he trains at the American Top Team Facility in Coconut Creek, Florida.

Hector Lombard Dating MMA Fighter Girlfriend Felice Herrig

In 2016, Lombard was dating Valerie Letourneau. When he is a seasoned UFC fighter, his girlfriend was a MMA fighter. The nick names of Lombard’s fighter girlfriend are “Trouble” and “Valerie”. She is ranked ninth in Women’s Flyweight Division. The love story of Lombard-Valerie is not devoid of interesting elements like every other celeb romantic story.

In 2015, Lombard wad proved to have used drugs and got suspended for a year by NAC (Nevada Athletic Commission). In the same year his girlfriend had a big match of her career. She was seeded against Women’s strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 193. The big fight was on November 15, 2015.

The anti-drug policy of UFC prevented Lombard from witnessing his girlfriend’s big fight. If he had been present in her girlfriend’s corner during the fighting competition, she herself would have faced disciplinary action! So, the big fight of the girlfriend of Hector Lombard went on without his presence and eventually Valerie lost the fight.

Is Hector Lombard Really Retiring From The Ring?

Lombard’s dreamy winning streak got upset after his suspension for anti-doping. Since 2016, he started losing the fights and he struggled and exited in the early rounds itself. When the fans find it difficult to see Lombard losing, the critics opined that it is time that Lombard retires. Thus, started the Hector Lombard retirement rumours. But, the man of exiting fights, Lombard, keeps silent and it looks like that he has other ideas in his mind.