Is Bruno Tonioli Gay Or Married To Wife? Know His Net Worth, Parents, Age, Career

Bruno is a well-known Italian choreographer, ballroom and Latin dancer, and above all famous TV personality who appears on the British television dance show, Strictly Come Dancing, as a judge. Maybe you keep wondering who Bruno Tonioli is behind the cameras and what his background is? Perhaps you want to know about his age, family life, career, interesting facts, and more so his career? You are not lost; you are in the right place for this article to answer your questions, and by the time you are done with reading, you will have had your eyes opened. If you are ready, let’s start.

Bruno Tonioli Biography: Age, Early Life, Parents

On 25th November 1955, the current Strictly Come, Dancing judge, Bruno Tonioli, was born in Ferrara, Northwest Italy to Werther, a bus driver, and Fulvia. He fled from home at the age of eighteen to join the dance company La Grande Eugene and traveled around Europe since he felt this was where his destiny laid. He said, in an interview with Italy magazine, that he was taught to earn yourself the best out of life, you must work towards it, which has motivated his every move.

Bruno Tonioli Body Measurements: Height And Weight

At the age of 65 years, Bruno still maintains a teen appearance and an athlete figure. Having a first look at him, you might think he is in his early forties. That is amazing, Bruno. He is 1.7m tall and weighs 67 kg.

Is Bruno Tonioli Gay Or Married To Wife?

Bruno is one person who has accepted himself for who he is and has moved on with life. He is no longer affected by what people say about his love life. He is openly gay and happy about it. He is focused on making the best out of life despite the many critics he got from people and is happily in a relationship with Jason Schanne from 2012 to date. The same-sex couple doesn’t seem to have anything to disrupt their happy life. Being gay, the couple got no children.

Bruno Tonioli Cars And Houses

In 2017, Bruno purchased a $2.9 million home in LA. The house measures 2359 square feet and contains three en-suite bedrooms. The apartment fully incorporates the cleanly unadorned look of the style both from the outside and from outside. Through a limited space, the lot makes good use of available space and works a pool and spa, a raised patio deck and outside dining area, and a lawn strip into the private backyard setting. He also owns a luxurious car.

Bruno Tonioli Traveling Habit

Well, for a person who ran away from home at the age of 18 years to pursue his passion as a dancer tells you that Bruno is an avid traveler. He travels to different parts of the world to get his job done.

Bruno Tonioli Career Details

Bruno career kicked off when he became a part of the Paris-based dance company, La Grande Eugene, before joining Lindsay Kemp Company, working as a freelance dancer. As a choreographer, he has worked with various artists for their music videos and tours. The artists include Tina Turner, Sting, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Freddie Mercury, Sinitta, Boy George, Dead or Alive, and Duran.

Bruno has some film credits, including Ella Enchanted, The Gathering Storm, Little Voice, Dancin’ thru the Dark, Enigma, The Parole Officer, and What a Girl Wants films. While in the United States, Bruno has made appearances on numerous talk shows; Larry King Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The View, Live with Regis &Kelly, Rachael Ray, The Soup, Lopez Tonight, and Chelsea lately.

In 2009 and 2010, Bruno was a judge on the UK tour of Strictly Come Dancing Live, appearing at 45 shows on each tour. In September 2012, Tonioli released an autobiography entitled Bruno Tonioli: My Story. He was later featured in a Season 2 episode of Fuller House, playing Ramona’s dance teacher. He then lent his name to an album released by Decca entitled, Italian Romance. The album was a compilation of Italian songs by various artists selected by Tonioli. In November 2018, Tonioli presented the BBC Radio 2 series Bruno Tonioli at the Opera. He is said not to be coming back on Strictly Come Dancing show due to some other work commitments.

Bruno Tonioli Net Worth

As of the current day, Bruno has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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