Is Angela Rye Single Or Dating Secretly? Find Out Her Boyfriend, Parents, Ethnicity, Age, Net Worth, Career

Those who watch her on CNN simply admire her and wonder how talented she is. Yes, we are talking about Angela Rye who wears many hats like a political commentator, political analyst as well as a liberal public commentator.

Is Angela Rye Really Single

At present she is hundred percent single and it is known that she is not dating anybody currently. But she is not devoid of a history and the man was Common an Oscar winning American rapper. Angela and Common started dating in the year 2017. But the relationship between this duo was short lived. In fact, it lasted for 8 months only. But they both say that they are still good friends. Marriage is yet to happen in the life of this beautiful and successful lady

Angela Rye Parents, Ethnicity

Angela was born to her father Eddie Rye Jr and mother Andrea Rye. Her place of birth is Seattle in Washington. Though she is born in United States of America, Angela poses mixed ethnicity with her father having an African background while her mother sports a Caucasian ethnicity.

In Seattle, Angela’s father was a known community activist and also a consultant for small businesses. Angela’s mother Andrea retired as a college administrator.

Angela Rye Net worth

Sources say that this CNN lady earns an average salary of about $200 thousand dollars from this channel she works for. She is working for few other TV channels and income keep coming for her from those networks as well. It is no wonder that she is one of the richest ladies and a millionaire woman in the industry. As a professor, Angela also teaches in several school and universities and this also adds to her riches. Another fact that makes her even more wealthy is that she is a renowned lawyer and earns some handsome money as a legal attorney. Everything added up the net worth of Angela Rye is estimated to be $2 million dollars.

Angela Rye Bio: Age, Early Life

The date of birth of Angela is Otober 26. She was born in the year 1979. As of now, 2019, she is about 40 years old. Angela had her high school years at Holy Names Academy which is an all-girls institution in Seattle. In 2005 she graduated from the reputed University of Washington and from Seattle University School of law.

Impact strategies, the American company has Angela as its CEO and vouches its success to her. Interestingly she also worked as the executive director and general counsel to the Congressional Black Caucus for 112th Congress. This celebrity woman is well-known for her determination and hard work and respected for just that.

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