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Is Alissa Violet Dating Boyfriend? Find Out Her Net Worth, Age, Engagement, Body Measurements

As her modeling career gets busier, Violet grows her audience on social media; YouTube, Instagram…from part of her money comes from. Her videos on YouTube have been viewed over 60 million times, her estimated income of $250,000 in 2017 – a figure that could rise before the end of 2018. She is influencing millions of people on social media, endorsements will always come bringing additional income.

In 2016, she appeared in the TV show The Deleted, she acted the role of Kylie. She took in October 2016, beginning with a video about her life in the Team 10 house – she lived with her boyfriend Jake Paul and other members of the group. The videos regularly achieve more than a million views.

Other projects and her modeling assignments combined Violet with an estimated income of at least $400,000. She is active in social media as well. In fact, her Instagram account has over 8.1m followers. on Twitter and Facebook, she has over 2.09M and 1,013,781 followers.

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Alissa violet Age And Body Measurements

Alissa violet height is 5.9 feet and she is 21 years now.

Is Alissa violet Dating FaZe Banks?

The 28-year-old vlogger and YouTuber, FaZe Banks is involved romantically with Alissa Violet, who is a popular Instagram model and Vine artist with over 8.2 million fans. The couple ahead and confirmed their relationship on social media at the same time the Electric Daisy Carnival was taking place. They even posted a photo.

FaZe once had a clash with Alissa’s ex-boyfriend. He went ahead to post a video on 18 August 2017, which made Alissa and Banks hit back with allegations of assaulting Alissa when she and Paul were a couple. This led to a massive decline in the number of Paul’s subscribers on his channel, and he later apologized through his Instagram page in order to put the matter to rest.

It is speculated that the reason FaZe Banks always wears a cap is that he is balding. FaZe also has tattoos inked on his body, one done by Romeo Lacoste, a celebrity tattoo artist.

Alissa even went ahead to tweet that she had become engaged to her boyfriend, FaZe on 8 September 2017, although FaZe did not comment on the post to confirm it. In 2018 the couple shared a photo with one of the world’s popular DJs, Christopher Comstock. , They have been dating for over a year now, there has been no news of the two marrying in the near future She ended her relationship with Jake Paul in an unfriendly way. She was a year older than him, their relationship was serious until rock bottom in 2017. They brought their arguments on social media and Violet told fans how Jake evicted her from the house following a conflict over his cheating and controlling behavior.

Alissa Violet later shared a video with fans on June 8, 2017, in which she revealed her unhappy days living in the Team 10 house with Jake. She started dating fellow Youtube star Ricky Banks, more popularly known as Faze Banks but the difference with Jake Paul seems on as he claimed that Violet’s new boyfriend assaulted his assistant in a nightclub.