How Much Are The Gold Rush Cast Worth? Parker Is Richer Than You Think

Do you know how much money do the reality TV contestants make? The stars of reality shows usually receive much higher payment as the popularity of the show rises and in this article, you will get information about the net worth of the popular reality TV series on Discovery Channel, Gold Rush. This show illustrates the gold mining efforts of different family-run companies located in Klondike, Yukon in Canada. The show involves different teams in the mining process.

The first season of the Gold Rush featured six men from a small town of Oregon located nearly 30 miles away in the southeast of Portland. Some of the cast of the latest series includes Parker Schnabel, Jack Hoffman, Roger Schnabel, Tony Beets, and Fred Dodge. The show involves both young and old stars, which is an attractive feature of it. Read this article if you would like to know the net worth of the cast of the popular reality series, Gold Rush.

Gold Rush Cast Net Worth and Salary

As mentioned earlier, the cast of the series Gold Rush is from the gold mining companies, and the pay from this show is mainly to support their business. Investing in the gold mining business can be a risk as it may make you a millionaire or break you financially.

The series, Gold Rush was initially focused on a father and son dream to become wealthy gold miners in the 21st century. Todd Hoffman took the risk and invested his entire wealth in it to fulfill his dream. Fortunately, the show paid him well, and he became affluent within one season. Both of them spent more than what they have received from the show, but some of the mid-seasons did not pay them well as they were expected. Besides, a large part of the crew dumped them by the fifth season made the situations even worse. They were not ready to accept the defeat but determined to take more risks to emerge as successful gold miners.

Take a look at the details of each cast of the series, a short bio, and their net worth. Let’s begin the list with Park Schnabel.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth and Salary.

Parker is a 22-year-old gold miner who joined the Season one of the Gold Rush series as a starring guest even at the age of 17. In the second season, he is given the Big Nugget, a mine in the area. Initially, he didn’t pay well, but after Season five, he started to get good pay.
Like any other youngster, Parker claims that he has more debts than earning, but his net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million. He is said to have received $ 50,000 per episode as salary.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth and Salary

As stated earlier, a major part of the cast crew of the show dumped both Todd Hoffman and his father, but both were determined and tried every possible course of action to become accomplished gold miners. Their determination and efforts helped them to become owners of a profitable gold mine. Even they could expand it on a large scale.

The 49-year-old Todd Hoffman became one of the most successful miners with a net worth of more than $1 million. He is said to have received a salary of $30,000.

Paul Christie Net Worth and Salary

Paul Christie is popularly known as the voice actor in Gold Rush, born in 1951 in Manhattan. Apart from acting, he is also an artist, comedian, narrator, and writer. His net worth is unknown to the media, but as per the unverified sources, he has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He is the only person who can give an actual figure on his net worth. He is said to have received a salary of $30,000 per episode for his appearance in Gold Rush.

Jack Hoffman Net Worth and Salary

Every fan of the Gold Rush series knows Jack Hoffman, who is the father of Todd Hoffman. He has been worked in gold mine for more than 25 years and got a second chance to fulfill his dream to become an accomplished gold miner by joining the Discovery Channel reality show, Gold Rush. The 67-year old Jack always sees gold mining as a great way to earn millions and continued to do the job to increase his wealth. His estimated net worth during the last season of the show was nearly $0.5 million. He receives a paycheck of $40,000.

Dave Turin Net Worth and Salary

Dave Turin appeared in various episodes of the first season of Gold Rush as a guest star. Todd convinced him to take a break from his family business so that he could appear a full time in its second season as a skilled foreman. But the 52-year old retired from the show on March 2017. A civil engineer by profession and engaged in a trade related to his profession, Dave Turin has garnered a net worth of $2 million. He has drawn a salary of $50,000 per episode.

Greg Remsburg: Net Worth and Salary

Greg Remsburg has not appeared regularly in the Gold Rush series. He left the show for the first time in 2013 but reappeared in the fourth season. This 41-year-old actor again left the show after season five for some unknown reasons. His net worth also remains unknown.

Jim Thurber Net Worth and Salary

A fisherman and a Metal Sheets expert, Jim Thurber is a part of the Gold Rush series. With more than 30 years of experience, he appears in the show as a safety officer. Like other team members, he is also involved in the task of gold mining in the show.

Hard-working and devoted, the 54-year-old Jim is one of the Hoffman crews who joined the Gold Rush after a financial crisis that crumpled his business. He has an estimated net worth of around $350,000. He is said to have received an annual salary of nearly $120,000.

Monica Beets Net Worth and Salary

Daughter of Tony Beets and another miner in the reality show, Gold Rush, Monica Beets also claimed to fame through this reality show with her exceptional mining skills. She used to visit the mining grounds with her father, and acquired good knowledge about the process and now manages the family’s mining team.

Born on 7th November 1993 as the youngest in the Beets family, Monica has a net worth of $1 million. She has been drawing an annual salary of nearly $175,000 from this show.

Bianca Beets Net Worth and Salary

Bianca is the sister of Monica Beets and daughter of Tony Beets. Like her sister, Bianca also has in-depth knowledge of mining and used to help her father. Even though she appears in the show regularly, her roles are insignificant. Her actual net worth is not known, but she is drawing $3000 per episode. We assume that her estimated net worth is around $50,000.

Kevin Beets Net Worth and Salary

Kevin Beets is also a cast of the reality show, Gold Rush, who is another son of Tony Beets. He is not famous as his sisters, Monica and Bianca, but also a miner with good mining skills and helps his father.
Kevin is getting a salary of $2000 per episode and his estimated net worth is nearly $30,000.

Mike Beets Net Worth and Salary

Mike Beets is another member of the Beets family who works with his father in Klondike in Canada to help him for finding gold. Even if his personal information is not known, he has an estimated net worth of $20,000. He is getting a salary of $2000 for his appearance on the show, Gold Rush.

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