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How Did Maura Murray Disappear? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height And Weight

An American woman, Maura Murray who suddenly disappeared on the evening of February 9, 2004, after her car crash on Route 112 near Woodsville, New Hampshire, a village in the town of Haverhill. Her whereabouts are unknown since then.

Maura Murray Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Maura was born on 4 May 1982, in Hanson, Massachusetts. She is the daughter and fourth child of Frederick (father) and Laurie Murray (mother). Her father is a medical technician and her mother is a nurse. She has four siblings, one older brother, Fred, two older sisters, Kathleen and Julie, and a younger brother, Kurt. She was raised in an Irish Catholic culture by her mother, after her mother divorced her father, at her age of 6.

Maura Murray Education Details

She graduated from Whitman-Hanson Regional High School with the best score and done well in athletics as a track star. Then, she studied chemical engineering at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. At the academy, Maura excelled in both military and academic programs and established herself as a best on the “Track” teams. In her second year, she transferred to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst to pursue a career in nursing as the military wasn’t good for her future.

Maura Murray Disappearance

On 9 February 2004, news came to the parents of her disappearance. She disappeared without any traits on the date. On 9th February 2004 morning, Maura submitted her nursing homework and emailed professors stating there had been a death in the family and she would not come to the campus for the week, which was a lie, claimed by the parents. She had left the University campus in her father’s car. At around 7:27 P.M. she met with a minor accident at winding roads of the mountains of New Hampshire.

At the same time, Faith Westman, a nearby resident of Haverhill to the accident location called police and stated that there had been an accident near her home and that a car was stuck in a ditch. Shortly after, a bus driver named Butch Atwood drove to her and spoke to her. He offered her help and asked if she needed help to call the police. She declined and said that she has already informed the authorities. The police arrived on the spot, but the scholar was nowhere to be seen. The police only saw a box of red wine behind the driver’s seat. Rest all things were missing, like credit cards, cell phone. Police authorities searched her for months and tried everything at their disposal to find her including putting as suspects her family members, boyfriend’s Bill Rausch especially. The bus driver’s small interaction with Maura was the last known sighting. Since then, there is no trace of her, and no activities traced on her cell phone or bank account transactions.

In April 2019, New Hampshire State Police dug a few feet down into the basement of a home on Route 112 and searched several feet down, but they found nothing.

There are lots of explanation or stories came out about her disappearance. If she is dead, then without anybody else’s involvement, it is not possible. Or, wounded Maura might have disappeared into the woods and died there. Maybe she disappeared herself. Only things can be assumed.

Her case is an open investigation to date and authorities are still searching for her, but her whereabouts are unknown to us as of 2021.

Among the missing people, Maura Murray’s case is considered as one of the strangest because of her missing mystery for over a decade.

Her disappearance has been covered by media, and her missing story has become the most followedmissing person cases across the world. An investigative TV series titled The Disappearance of Maura Murray on the Oxygen network showcased her story.

Maura Murray Personal Life And Dating history

She was a great achiever in both study and sports. She was active in her local community where she started to be known for her kind heart and beautiful smile. She participated in almost every sport with “Track”, including basketball.

Her ex-boyfriend’s Bill Rausch was considered to be the prime suspects in her disappearance.

Maura Murray Body Measurements

The missing girls stand at 5.7 in height and her weight is 61 kg. Her body measures 36-27-35. Her eye color is dark brown, and her hair is brown.