How Did Grant Thompson Die? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth And Police Charges At Death

In the last 10 years, the influx of subscribers and viewers on YouTube has been on the rise. From professionals to 3 year olds, everyone has something to watch on the video platform. Whether it is for educational, comical, informative, or entertainment purposes, no one can ever get bored. This has driven quite a number of social media to take the opportunity YouTube provided to create channels and have a large amount of subscribers.

Depending on the number of subscribers and viewers, you enjoy monetary benefits from the platform and allow companies to place ads on your videos. Grant Thompson was one of those persons who grabbed the bulls by the horn, started a channel known as “The King of Random” where he made random informative videos. Since it was launched in 2010, his account received close to 2billion views and an estimate of 11 million subscribers. Grant has become known popularly as youtube star, generating huge amount.

Grant Thompson Career Details

The internet celebrity long before he became a famous YouTube star had worked and gained experiences in several fields. Grant started out as a chauffeur for tour buses, become a pilot for airlines, and was a supervisor at an oil rig. Thompson even auditioned to star as an actor in a television show. After his long years of trying out various career paths, he decided to take a break from it all. It was in this period he began creating content on YouTube with credit to his previous jobs. He officially began the channel on 3rd of January 2010. He came across the YouTube channel Kipkays where he found some helpful videos. This one channel that inspired him. As he grew, sharing experience with his audience, his fan base began to increase and kept the pace over the years. His particularly different niche kept enabling him enlarge his followership and subscribers. As more people began to use the video platform his popularity began increase making him the one stop channel for viewers all over the world. Some of his most watched video was the How to Make LEGO Gummy Candy that had over twenty seven million views and Self freezing Coca Cola with over twenty three million views.

Grant Thompson Bio: Age, Early Life, Family

Grant Thompson was born in Canada on the 21st of November, 1976. There is actually little we know about his parents and family. All we know is that he has a brother who he spent his childhood with playing and indulging in creating random things. It was this adventurous and inquisitive nature that his nickname ‘The King of Random’ emerge as his brother’s friends became fond of calling him by that nick. Grant was happily married to his wife and they had four kids. Yes was happily married.

Grant Thompson Net Worth

The YouTube star, Grant acquired a hefty amount of net worth through his channel, The King of Random. Summing up the profits he generated from both his YouTube channel and Instagram account, had a net worth of approximately $6 million. His YouTube monthly salary was roughly between $14.4K and $231K with his yearly income at $173.3k – $2.8m according to a SocialLite report.

Grant Thompson Police Charges

Sometimes in 2018, Thompson was arrested and charged by the police department for possession of explosives a couple of times. A person lodged a complaint via Facebook Messenger stating he exploded an ice bomb. During the interrogation, Thompson moved to explain he was simply experimenting science projects to post on his channel. He made a deal with the cops to not engage in any supposedly crime activity for the next 18 weeks. Well, he wasn’t glad about the allegation since the explosion was controlled and didn’t hurt anyone.

The second time he was charged with possession of explosives and causing explosion was when he and his friend Timothy Burges experimented with explosive powder. It was a more dangerous explosion as the firefighters in a station nearby heard it. He claimed that Timothy brought a bag of explosive powder which was supposedly taken out from decommissioned firework. They had performed controlled explosions before deciding to make a big bang by igniting a larger pile of the powder. His friend was also arrested and had was slightly injured from the explosion.

Grant Thompson Death

No it wasn’t explosions experiments that got him killed. The YouTube legend died in a paragliding accident on the 29th of July 2019 at Utah, where he lived with his family. He had taken a break from YouTube and decided to spend more time with his family. When he went out that morning, he didn’t return home as planned. It was then a search for him began. It was reported that the authorities utilized GPS data to track him. Unfortunately, his dead body was found alongside the paragliding equipment. There has no declared statement as to what really happened.


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