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Heléne Yorke Is Still Dating Bobby Flay. Find Out Her Net Worth 2022, Career, Social Media Presence

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The multitalented Canadian actress, singer and dancer Helena Anne Dyke is widely known as Helena York. She was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1985, 27th of February. She’s the pretty daughter of Rhos Dyke and Andrea Dyke. Her father worked at tenchnologent in Irvine, California as a Vice President, while her mother was an entrepreneur of fashion industry. She has two brothers, Lancelot Dyke and Sutherland Dyke.

Heléne Yorke Early Life

The blonde lady, Helena grew up in places such as Los Angeles California, Atlanta, Georgia and Minnesota as her father had to move to United States being a software seller. One of her brother Sutherland was a student of Millitary academy and presently working as the assistant director of CPEX real estate. His second brother Lancelot was a Olympic silver medalist. Helen did her higher studies at Palisades charter high school and then followed Bachelor of fine arts in the university of Michigan. She was a born dancer who began attending ballet dancing classes since she was just three.

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Heléne Yorke Career Details

Before stepping into film industry she was a popular theatrical actress whose first performance was in the play named” walmartopia” in which she acted as hooters girl in 2007. She was well known for her work on “broadway” as Olive neal and as Evelyn Glenda in “American psycho” she also received fame for acting in the role of the character Glinda in “wicked on tour” and as Jane Martin in “master of sex” Apart from that she appeared in “graves”, “the good fight” and “high maintenance” as major characters.

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Her theatrical performances includes, what’s that’s smell -2008, bullet over broadway-2014, kiss me kate -2016 and several others. Her films includes, “all wifed out”,”are you joking”, “the night before” , “super market”..and so on. Her recent appearance is with Comedy Central’s “the other two”.

Heléne Yorke Net Worth

Being a blonde beauty Helene has a networth of $2 -4 million US dollars.

Heléne Yorke Is Still Dating Bobby Flay

Helene is still single in her relationship status but she has been dating the celebrity chef Bobby Flay for three years since 2016. She had met him during the knicks game in 2015. Her boyfriend chef Bobby already married and divorced two of his spouses and confirmed his divorce with his third wife, Stapannie March recently.

She and her boyfriend haven’t shared any news yet about their marriage. But they are being followed by the media and fans anticipating their marriage to take palace. Being a one and only family girl Helene loves sharing photographs of her brother. Recently she shared a photo of her younger brother in Instagram. “My little brother is bigger than ill ever be..” she stated as caption. She also made a guest appearance for her boyfriend Bobby Flays cooking show. But currenly Helene’s photo on instagram as she was kissing a mystery man at Michigan stadhium during the game show confused her fans to come to the conclusion that she had moved on with her relationship with the chef Bobby Flay and Bobby also during one of his show responded as he was “very single” for the question about his relationship status.

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Heléne Yorke Social Media Presence

Helene has 17.5k followers in Instagram and 9,686 followers on Twitter.