Hazen Audel: Wiki and Net worth

In the modern era, most celebrities try to have their personal life hidden from the media, Hazen Audel is no exception. Over the years of Hazen being in the limelight not so much is known about his personal life other than the basic information. Hazen is commonly known for his role in the series ‘Survive the Tribe’. The National Geographic channel series ‘Survive the Tribe’ marked Hazen Audel debut in the Entertainment limelight.

Hazen Audel Wiki.

Hazen Audel is an American TV star who currently hosts the ‘The primal Survivor’ on National Geographic Channel. Before his current position, Hazel was a host of ‘Survive the Tribe’ TV series. which premiered in 2014 on National Geographic.  Hazen Audel had spent fifteen years as a leader of the ‘Outdoor Experience’ and also as a member of the “Untamed Science” YouTube channel. Interestingly Hazen Audel passion in Nature didn’t start with his YouTube channel or with Survive the tribe, Hazen was a biology teacher for more than 10 years. This is a fact that can be proven by his undying love to keep educating people about the natural wilderness to date. This is proven by the various educational tours that he hosts every now and then.

Hazen Audel Net worth.

Unlike most celebrities whose net worth is easily known, Hazen Audel Net worth remains a mystery. His cumulative current net worth has continuously remained a secret to the internet and any media house. However, his net worth from his TV shows in 2017 is estimated to be $2million, a figure that is certain to have grown immensely over the years. Hazel Audel is believed to be among the highest payed cast member of Survive the Tribe with an estimated figure of $75,000 per season.

Hazel Audel Family, marriage and Interest.

Born on 25th January 1974 in Spokane WA, Hazen Audel is a native American of Kootenai and Salish decent. In all his Interviews, Hazen has shown how much love he has for his parents, he attributes all that he has learnt about life to his parents. When asked about his role model, Hazen is proud to have his mother as his role model. “She gained wisdom and has always shared it with me.” This was Hazen response when asked on why he choose his mother as his role model.

Despite having various relationships, Hazen Audel remains single to date. His last relationship is said to have lasted six years before coming to an end. When asked on why he would break off such a long term relationship, Hazen explained that he loved being crazy in love but his previous relation had uncanny resemblance to a fatal attraction and he barely came out of it alive but he is glad that he now knows where to venture again if he is ever ready to fall in love again.

The American star enjoys cooking and describes cooking as the sure path to his heart. He however explains that cooking does not describe perfection so no one should judge themselves negatively for not being good in the kitchen.

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