Greg Fischer Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Greg Fischer was born on 14 January 1958. He is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and 50th mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, In 2019, he was elected as the vice president of The US Conference of Mayors. And will serve as its president in 2020. Louisville has been named as an International Model of City Compassion 4X. Governing magazine mayor fisher public official of the year in 2013.
Mayors of America elected him to serve as president of the US Conference of mayors. And his one-year term as leader of a non-partisan organization began on 1 July 2020. Mayor is a national award-winning entrepreneur. He started and invested in dozens of businesses, including the iceberg venture, and served international, a private investment firm.
Fischer said his net worth was about $3,500 at the time. He so had his father as a coach and that made a big difference. He said, “I grew in an entrepreneurial family”. “We talked about business all the time”.
Under Fischer’s ownership served grew to more than 300 employees, more than $70 million in annual sales. They sold the business in 1997 to The Manitowoc Company Inc, fortune 500 co. For $73 million. Fischer said Nobody’s got all the skills. You can’t win the game unless you can mood that team.

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