Gold Rush Parker Schnabel Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

The leading star of the famous reality show ‘Gold Rush’ is Parker Schnabel. On the Discovery Channel this show was aired. This show depends on that how the gold diggers and miners working in Alaska. 22 years old Parker is also a significant cast of the show. On the show many times he has demonstrated his talent.

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel Net Worth

From the famous reality Show “Gold Rush” the net worth of Parker Schnabel is assessed to be almost $2 Million. At the Big Nugget Mine he used to accomplish summer work . His granddad John Schnabel established that mine.

For Parker Schnabel Net Worth the primary source of income is only the reality show, Gold Rush when he was not working much in the Big Nugget Mine. In any case, in fourth season of the show, Parker spent the cash which he was given for college on setting up his own mining activity.
In Klondike he performed very well as a youngster by ruling 1029 ounces of gold. This exhibited that he has a suplendid future as a gold miner and gold digger.

The reality Show Gold Rush is exceptionally famous and is consistently picking up viewers. The consistent expansion in the quantity of viewers brings about increasing the profit of its cast and team.

This show has total seven seasons with 114 number of episodes. In first season of the show Parker appeared wherein he visitor featured and offered some guidance. His granddad John Schnabel chose to venture down in that season.

Unluckily, his grandfather and the Big Nugget Mine founder died in his nap. At that time he was 96 years old but had a graet experience in this field.

Aside from the show, gold mining will consistently remain the central type of revenue for this youthful gold digger. As he has begun his own gold mining activities, it is sure that he will expand his total assets quickly through hard work.

Like other super stars, this youthful gold digger has gotten himself a comfy house and quick vehicles and he spends it well like anybody with such tremendous total assets would do.

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel Career Details

Since the day he started to walk Parker had been learning all about the mining trade. He always had been paid eagerly attention in this field. He assumed control over the family mine Big Nugget when he was only 16 years of age. Consequently it tends to be seen obviously that he was profoundly engaged with the mining tasks.

He used to pick up everything related to the trade and made himself experienced in each field regarding this. He was taking care of men that were twice of his age with flawlessness.

Parker rose to acclaim when the show Gold Rush began broadcasting. In the primary period of the show, his grandfather ventured down and gave him the authority over the mining activities. From that point forward, he has been rising continually without thinking back.

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel Bio: Age, Early Life

Parker Schnabel was born in Haines which is situated in Alaska. Parker is 22 years old at this time. He stars in the popular reality show, Gold Rush. He is in a relationship with Ashley Yule right now. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million.

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