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Gold Rush Chris Doumitt Is Married To Wife Sharon Doumitt. Know His Career, Net Worth, Interests

Chris Doumitt was born in the most populous city of the US state Oregon on 1st December 1969. He is the personalted and decent person and there is always smile on his charming face. His height is 5.10 feet and his weight is 79 kg. His religion is christianity. He was carpenter before becoming a miner. He used to bulit the things made of wood. He worked as carpenter for 25 years. Once he founded a work at Sandy in 2010 in the city of Oregon. There he has to built the cabin for the renowned miner Todd Hoffman. He stayed over there for a week and completed his work. During his time with Hoffman Crew he got interested in the gold minning but unfortunately he did not know how to get mine gold. But his intrest attracted him towards learning. He spent 6 months with the Todd hoffman Crew and learnt all the process of gold mining.

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Chris Doumitt Is Married To Wife Sharon Doumitt

Chris Doumitt wife is Sharon Doumitt who was suffering from multiple types of cancers. But later she was recoverd from cancer. During her illness Chris Doumitt face a difficult time and he has not appeared in the Gold Rush. There were many rumours spread in the media as his truck was stolen and along this his credit cards and passports were also snachted. Due to this he was unable to go back to his wife and was off screen from the Gold Rush. Later God rewarded him for his stolen truck with recovery of his wife after a major surgery. She become healthy and got rid from this fatal disease. Chris and Sharon has two children.

Chris Doumitt Personal Interests

Chris Doumitt used to spent his free time in fishing and Golf playing. The intresting thing about him is that he mostly drinks the self made wine and whenever he is free he love to go to open places where he feel relax and comfortable. He breath openly there. In simple words he love the nature and thats why he spent his free time in natural and open places.

Chris Doumitt And His Cigar

Cigar is the thing he always used and on very rare occasions he is without cigar . His use of cigar became his identity and most people do not know his exact name so they used to identify him as the personality with cigar. Now he started the buisness of cigar and has earned very handsome amout of money through it. His cigar brand name is “Doumitt cigar”.

Chris Dourmitt In Gold Rush

Gold Rush is the reality show which is casted on the Discovery. It is basically on the minning of gold at different places. The show has total eight seasons. Chris Doumitt first appear on this TV reality show in season 4 in 2016 in 10 and 14 episode with Parker Schnabel. He worked with Parker Crew and he worked hard with Parker team and now he is the most successful and trusted member of the Parker Crew. Among Parkers Crew he is most dedicated towards his work.

Chris Doumitt Rumours

Due to many ups and downs in the minning process he suffered from back pain. In those days his wife was suffering from the chronic cancer and one more tragic thing about him is that his gold truck was stolen in those days. So he was unable to appear in the season 7 of the Gold Rush. His fans assumed that he had expired in the road accident but actualy he had back surgery. Now he has fully recovered from back pain and his wife had also detached herself from cancer.

Chris Doumitt Net Worth

Chris Dourmit made most of his wealth through the reality show Gold Rush but his brand Doumitt cigar also contributed to his wealth. He has earned all his wealth in almost a decade. Before this he was only earning money through carpentry to full fill his basic needs of life but after becoming a miner he made most of his wealth. His net worth is estimated to be 400,000 dollars.

Chris Dourmitt is still on the screens of the Gold Rush with a pleasing smile and his cigar which attracts most of his fans which are the major buyers of his “Dourmitt cigar’.