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Gary Tuchman Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

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Gary Tuchman is a widely renowned CNN national correspondent based in Atlanta. He has been working for CNN since 1990. Gary Tuchman worked as an anchor and reporter at CBS-affiliated WPEC (TV) in Florida. There he specialized in political reporting. Gary earned a bachelor’s degree of science in broadcast journalism from Boston University. He was honored with Alumni Award by the university for his performance

Gary Tuchman Bio: Age, Early Life

Gary Tuchman was born in America in 1961. He is 59 years old. Gary’s exact birthdate has not been revealed to the public yet.

Gary Tuchman Career Details

Gary started his career as an anchor and reporter at WPEC_TV in the 1980s. He worked as a reporter there for five years and got experience in political reporting. In 1990, Gary joined CNN and worked as a national correspondent. Gary has also worked as a staff correspondent for Anderson Cooper 360. He has been one of the most successful journalists to cover the biggest stories of all time. He has covered a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the earthquake in Haiti, the rescue of 33 Chile miners and much more. He has spent months in Haiti to cover the earthquake that killed more than 300 thousand people. He reported live just the morning after the earthquake. Till then, no one knew the intensity of the damage. Tuchman was also in Copaiapo, Chile. He was there covering the rescue of 33 Chile miners who had been trapped underground. He reported it all live from the rescue site as the miners were rescued.

Earlier in 2010, Tuchman had the chance to be one of the few international reporters to get into Iceland to report the volcanic eruption which led to the cancellation of thousands of flights across the globe.

Tuchman showed great courage and flew above the volcanic eruption and took the video from just a few hundred yards away which gave viewers an incredible view of the power of the eruption.

Tuchman also spent some part of 2010 reporting the documentary “What the Pope Knew”. It provided evidence that Cardinal Joseph, now known as Pope Benedict, had knowledge that priests who had committed sexual molestations were being protected by the Church.

Tuchman spent much time on the borders of Mexico. He reported the drug war and the grotesque violence that goes along with it. Many stories were done by him on the polygamist cult knows as the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), and sexual abuse that has been practiced on many children by many within the sect. He spent weeks in 2008 during the elections investigating and covering the GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. He also spent time on trial reporting of both John McCain and Barack Obama. The inauguration of Obama and provided live reports at one of the night’s inaugural balls in 2007. He was one of the few reporters allowed into a coal mine during a search and rescue operation. The Crandall Canyon mine incident turned out to be very tragic. The miners as well as the rescuers (including one who trained Tuchman for his trip into the mine) died days later in another collapse.

In 2005, Tuchman spent most of the time covering the reporting for devastating hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Texas. Tuchman reported as a journalist with U.S Air Force during the war in Iraq in 2003. He arrived just days before the war began. He went back to Iraq in 2006 again on missions with the U.S Air Force.

In 2002, Tuchman went to Afghanistan; he spent weeks reporting throughout the country. Afghanistan’s first “Loya Jirga” since the fall of the Taliban was covered by him. All the U.S presidential elections are covered by Tuchman during his time on CNN.

Gary Tuchman Net Worth

The net worth of Gary Tuchman is over $12 million dollars.

Gary Tuchman Wife

Gary Tuchman is a journalist with a great personality. And currently, Gary is married to a beautiful woman Katherine M. Stark, who is the daughter of Rosemary Stark and William E. Stark. He got married to her in 1990 in a private event.

Gary Tuchman Kids

Gary has a beautiful daughter named Lindsay who is following in her father’s footsteps. She started working at WBOC-TV in Maryland.

Gary Tuchman Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Gary Tuchman weighs around 150 pounds and his height is about 5 feet and 10 inches.