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Gabe Rygaard Bio, Career, Net Worth At Death, Wife Katy Rygaard, Social Media Presence, Kids

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According to a common proverb, some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Indeed, this proverb is applicable in the case of Gabriel Martin Rygaard, who had been born on 3rd August 1971 at Port Angeles in Washington. After that, he had graduated from Port Angeles High School in 1989. Initially, it seemed as if he was the child who had been kissed by destiny.

Following this, he had married Katy Rygaard and had had three children named Aiden, Trilby and Tucker Rygaard through her. He had been the son of Craig Raigaard. Unfortunately, he had died in a vehicle accident at his home town. On that fateful day, his vehicle named Fort Bronco had been involved in the crash which had involved some other vehicles as well.

Ironically, during his lifetime, this 45-year-old reality show star had been philanthropic, according to a statement which his wife had given right before his funeral. It had been quite unfortunate that the 35-year-old had lost control of his vehicle while driving down Highway 101 in his hometown on 16th September 2017. Remarkably, he had not been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. As he had swerved to avoid the car right in front of him, he had gone into traffic and it had resulted in a head-on collision with another car. Furthermore, he had even been ready to give the shirt off his back to someone who needed it. Reportedly, he had been a devoted father, husband, son and a faithful husband.

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Gabe Rygaard Career Details

This renowned TV personality had appeared in the reality show “Ax Men” in the real channel “History Tv”. Notably, this reality show had focused on the challenge faced by loggers due to extreme weather conditions and other factors. As a result of its unique content, the had fetched high ratings and had made Gabe popular. Moreover, this former Clennam County Commissioner candidate had taken over the ownership of “Rygaard Logging” from his father, who had founded the company in 1992. This was why bystanders had remarked that fortune had been handed over to him in a silver platter.

Unfortunately, he had lost his gamble as Clennam County Commissioner. Also, he had made his television debut in the second season of a reality show named “Ax Men.” Since then, his entire family had featured in the show frequently. Ironically, the show has just wrapped up its ninth season in the month of March.

Gabe Rygaard Net Worth At Death

According to a recent estimate, Gabe Rygard had a net worth of $3 million. This reality show star had been dutiful towards his family.

Gabe Rygaard Social Media Presence

Unlike his father, Gabe Rygard had not used social media regularly. It is quite evident in the fact that he had only 17 posts to show in his Instagram profile.

The business had been reaping profits under him. Now, the organization may be compared to a sinking ship, which may only be rescued with timely and efficient guidance. Misfortune has struck the family in the disguise of both father and the eldest son of the family. This unexpected accident has left the family totally insecure and unprepared. The sparkling wit and humor of Gabe is being sorely missed, apparently.


The tenth season of “Ax Men” will reveal the struggle which the family members are facing in order to keep the organization “Rygaard Loggings” afloat even after the premature death of Gabe Rygaard. To conclude, it seems that his wife and family members are still struggling to cope up with his untimely death.