FOX CEO Suzanne Scott Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Height, Weight. Is She Married To Husband?

The great American Pay Television News Channel, Fox News has Suzanne Scott as its endowed Chief Executive Officer (CEO). From working as a programming assistant, she progressed through the various levels in the company such as being the network executive producer in 2005, then the vice president of programming in 2007, then senior vice president of the same in 2009 and the executive vice president in 2016, and now being the CEO of Fox News and Fox Business Network from 2018.

Suzanne Scott has made history by being in charge of a major TV news organization, as Fox’s first female CEO.

Let us know more about this successful woman such as her age, family life, and net worth.

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Suzanne Scott Bio: Age, Parents, Body Measurements, Early Life

Suzanne Scott was born in the year 1965, making her present age as 53 as of 2019. Her hometown is Morristown, New Jersey in the U.S. where she was raised by her parents, his father being the owner of a truck company and her mother being a real estate agent.

Suzanne did her graduation from the American University after completing high school in New Jersey itself. The details about the degree she attained is not known.

She stands tall with a height of five feet and ten inches, that is, 1.78metres. Suzanne is of Caucasian (white) ethnicity. Not much is revealed by Suzanne about her life in the media, as she being in the news network for so long, she might be aware of the pitfalls about revealing personal life out in the world.

Is Suzanne Scott Married To Husband?

Although much is not uncovered by Suzanne about her personal life, it’s known that she is married and also, is blessed with a beautiful daughter. Suzanne and her partner welcomed their daughter in the year 2006 and presently, this small blissful family resides in New Jersey together.

Suzanne Scott Net Worth, Career

Suzanne kick-started her career by being an executive assistant to Chet Collier at CNBC news channel. Then, she moved to Fox News in 1996 with Collier and began working as an assistant in programming, progressing to the executive vice president of the same in the year 2016. She was also the launcher of various on-air and digital initiatives such as the primetime debut of On the Record in 2002.

However, the year 2018 had something big for Suzanne. The Fox network was searching to put someone so heavily involved in the network as its head since the founder and former CEO Roger Ailes resigned in 2016 due to some sexual harassment allegations.

What better choice could be to appoint Suzanne, who was associated with the network for so long that she knew the true mission and culture of it.
But, tactlessly, Ailes’ victim Laura Luhn sued Suzanne for slander of covering up the sexual abuse at the network. But, regardless of it, FOX defended its original employee, Suzanne, who has worked effectively for over 22 years there.

This hard-working woman is certified as the YMCA stroke and turn official and works there at weekends too. Her daughter is also a competitive swimmer there.

Though Suzanne’s exact salary is not known, she must be taking a six-figure sum salary annually as being the FOX News’s CEO only.

Quick Facts About Suzanne Scott

Full Name Suzanne Scott
Born 1965
Age 53 years as of 2019
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Occupation CEO of FOX News
Marital Status Married
Children One daughter

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