Fox 11 Vanessa Borge Bio, Age, Husband, Education, and Family

Emmy winning artist, Venessa Borge, is an adored journo based at the FOX News affiliate KKTV located in Los Angeles. Borge co-hosts the most liked FOX 11 show popularly known as Good Day LA with Megan Colarossi, which airs every weekend as from 9 am to 10 am.

She has expertise skills majoring on media relations, social media curating as well as mass marketing, all which she has gained during her journalism career which she has stayed for over 10 years.

Chris -Husband Or Boyfriend?

A handsome suitor who exactly matches Vanessa’s professional accomplishments together with her naturally astonishing lifestyle is the best for her. She has a boyfriend called Chris Paul Borgo, who is the exact match for her.

Paul is a director of sales at Vita Coco and is a successful man and rich as well. He studied in the University of Miami and the co-founder of Speed Worx Athletics.

In July 2016, Vanessa Borge was posted by Chris on his Instagram page. It was until then that the well-renounced journalist indicated that she was in a relationship.

It didn’t take long till they both did start posting their status in the social media platforms. They did not only turn to envy subjects in the social media but also did cover documentaries of their best moments celebrating birthdays, among other successes.

It will, therefore, be of no surprise to wake up one day and get the news that the two lovebirds, Chris and Vanessa, are getting married, or even getting engaged.

Age, Birthday, Education, curves and Height

Borge’s year of birth is 1987, in the month of February date 4th; which falls under the Aquarius by birth sign. She celebrates her birthday together on the same day with Hannah Stocking and Zach King who are YouTube sensations.

She was raised in Florida sandy beaches in Miami and obtained her college education from the University of Florida. In the year 2008, Venessa graduated with a major in Telecommunications in summa cum laude.

Venessa stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 3 inches, which is equivalent to 1.6 meters. At the age of 32, she has well-formed curves which are more prominently noticeable and fits her short height.

Salary At FOX 11 and CBS

Vanessa not only lives a beautiful life but also earns a good amount of money at FOX 11. As an anchor, it is said that the station remunerates its employees six-figure salary.

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She did work at the CBS News from January 2009 to February 2018, which is where she did get employed at first before joining FOX station in the month of April 2018.

Bio,Family, Cuban Revolution & Ethnicity

She is Cuban-American by ethnicity; this is because her biological family is from Cuba republic.
In the search for a better source of livelihood for the family, it is said that her parents did move away from the Cuban Revolution period during the late 50s, and stayed in Florida, Miami.

Vanessa, who has also been a News presenter at the CBS, will always be grateful to her parents. The bond among the family has forever placed them as one of the jubilant and jovial triads.

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