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Former American Rapper Nipsey Hussle And Girlfriend Lauren London Have Kids Kross Asghedom And Emani Asghedom

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March 31st 2019, seen a young American rapper, Entrepreneur and community activist leave the world. This was a tragic incident when we lost Nipsey Hussle. He suffered from 10 gun shots that lead to his death.

Nipsey Hussle, actual name Ermias Joseph Asghedom, was born on August 15 1985 to Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom. He was brought up in the Crenshaw neighborhood of South Los Angeles. He had brother and sister. He dropped out of school before graduating.

Soon he joined a local Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips and had a stage name Nipsey Russell and did stand-up comedian. Once his father Dawit took the family to a trip to Eritrea, East Africa and from his return the trip inspired community activist and his entrepreneurial spirit.

His music career although was a short one, could have been a good one if he was still alive. He started with a small mixed tape in the year 2005 which helped him build up for a better one. His hits started with “Bullets Ain’t Got No Name series” that seems so ironic now. The 10 bullets he was shot did have his name. From 2010 to 2013 he came up with “Leaving Epic Records and The Marathon series” album to larger audience. 2013 – 2019 was his next one “Crenshaw and Victory Lap”.

As his inspiration for community activism started, he aimed to on giving solutions and inspiration to young black men like him so that they achieve and lead a better life. He did fund to many of his schools in his neighborhood and also used to spend time with the students. He was also part of a panel to design these programs and activities. He also conveyed prevention of gang violence through his rapping. He also approached LAPD to have a discussion on this to prevent the gang violence before he was killed.

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Nipsey Hussle And Girlfriend Lauren London Had Son And Daughter

Hussle has a son named Kross born in 2016 with Lauren London. Kross has turned 3 years in August of 2019. His mother Lauren celebrated his birthday and Lauren makes sure he has essence of his father’s life in his. He wears t-shirts with his father’s photo on it. Kross had many wishes flowing in on his birthday on the social media. He is an adorable kid and he has his family’s support in his father’s absence. Maybe we get too see the image of Nipsey in him one day.

Emani was born to Tanisha Foster with Hussle. Emani is 10 years old now and after Hussle’s death his family and Foster were fight a legal battle for her custody. Hussle’s family won the battle and they have Emani’s custody. Foster did fight hard for the custody however as Hussle’s family gave enough proof of Foster being unfit to raise Emani the custody was given to Hussle’s family. Emani now inherits half of Hussle’s estate.

Lauren London Dating Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London started dating Hussle in the year 2013. Both had a son Kross in the year 2016. Lauren did have a daughter with her former partner. Lauren is an actress with both movies and TV series in her kitty. Lauren is from Los Angeles County and she did various s music videos in the starting of her career.

After the death of Hussle, her son Kross with Hussle inherited half of the Hussle estate. As Kross is a minor Lauren is the custodian of his part of the inheritance. Lauren did celebrate Kross’ 3rd birthday this year after Hussle’s death and she has the support of his family.

Hussle’s death did cause a lot of stir is many people’s life – his children, his former partner, his curren partner and his family. But when it comes to family, it is called family when they take care of each other in such times. May his soul rest in peace!