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Floribama Shore Cast Gus Smyrnios Net Worth, Career, Married, Age, Family

Gus Smyrnios is not only a star in MTVs Floribama but also the face on several romance novels and magazines. He is a handsome man whose antics drive ladies crazy both on the show as well as in real life. Regardless of his smile, Gus past life was covered with darkness which will be unveiled in this article. Without further ado, this article will go into details of his age, salary, career, net worth and Wiki-Bio.

Floribama Shore Cast Gus Smyrnios Career

Gus last name does not roll smoothly on the tongue, thus the reality star mostly refers to himself as Gus. On the left side of his chest, the star has a tattoo of his surname in Greek.

Gus Smyrnios, being one the youngest cast member, made his first screen appearance in 2017. Gus had only one age mate among the casts known as Kortni Gilson. The Floribama Shore reality star may have a young appearance but has made several achievements through his career. He had worked as a model before he made his debut into the world of reality television. Gus still works as a model.

Floribama Shore Cast Gus Smyrnios never dreamt of posing in front of the camera, however, life slapped him in the face at a modeling agency at the age of 19. Gus’ looks earned him a job after he had accompanied one of his friends as a teenager. Later, he signed up for different brands, magazines and agencies. Gus became a calm celebrity until his career reached the peak after featuring in the Floribama Shore alongside seven other roommates.

Floribama Shore Cast Gus Smyrnios Married or Dating?

The Floribama Shore majorly focuses on the wild lives of young adults mingling with each other; however, Gus is quite the opposite. Gus respects the ladies and in most cases, avoids having too much fun with them. The actor gave out a part of himself in an exclusive with the US magazine. He said ‘I have good intentions. I’m not trying to go around and sleep with everybody, I just want to interact with people! My mom seeing me with whatever girl, she’s a little shook!’This is due to the fact that the actor already had someone special in his life at the time. During the first show of the episode, Gus got involved with a girl called Ellen, a native of Nashville. The two did not only share great chemistry but also in the third episode, they shared a bed. Sadly, they broke up during the second season, bringing their episode to a dead end. Currently, Gus is single and we shall update you if in any case, anything turns up. The actor does not also have babies.

Floribama Shore Cast Gus Smyrnios Net worth And Salary.

Currently, no credible source has provided information regarding Gus Smyrnios’ net worth which is currently under review. Also, MTV resides in utmost confidentiality and is not fond of providing information regarding the salaries of their partners. Moreover, the actor has not revealed any information to anybody about how much he earns for his involvement in television shows.

As mentioned above, Gus participated in modeling. He did not only model of fun but also commercialized his modeling talent. Gus has filled his Instagram page with advertisements and brand endorsements.

Gus also got an opportunity to feature in Jeniffer L. Armentrout’s book titled Luc courtesy of his model body of a Greek god. He also became a brand ambassador for FitStrong Suppliments, the creators of Geek Sauce due to his enthusiast for keeping fit.

Quick Facts About Floribama Shore Cast Gus Smyrnios

Name Gus Caleb Smyrnios
Birthday 20th March 1995
Birthplace Tallahassee, Florida
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Ethnicity White (Greek)
Profession TV Star, Model
Dating No
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend (Show) Ellen
Married No
Net Worth est. $100 thousand

The cover model and talented actor was born in Tallahassee, Florida, also hails from the South. He was born in 20th of March 1995. The actor is almost turning 24 and has always been straightforward with his personal life because he does not want any individual to tread where he should not belong.

However, the young actor often uploads photos of his sister, brother and parents on his social medial accounts. His father is not only a house painter and state trooper but also does a bit of roofing work. However, it is ironic how he ended up without a roof at the age of 17 and was forced to spend his life in a friend’s house.

The young talented star worked hard and even paid his tuition fee at the Tallahassee Community College to study criminal justice where he studied criminal justice. He attended the Florida State University for further studies. The actor can sit and reflect on his past and do whatever he wants now that he is done with this chapter in life. He loves tattoos too. His height is 5 feet 11 inches. Having told you about the first one, you also need to know the model has other two tattoos with Majestic shapes and designs on his right arm and back. Indeed, he is a work of art.