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Fitness Model Genesis Lopez Bio, Body Measurements, Family, Parents, Pets, Boyfriends, Education

Genesis Lopez is a Brazilian-Cuban and a Japanese descent. Born on 15 July 1993, she is the only child of her parents. Professionally, she proudly holds the title of a fitness model and a famous Instagrammer who has worked with brands like VPX and BangEnergy as an athlete, gained cyclopean popularity as she started posting fitness pictures on her Instagram account @Genesismialopez. Genesis used to post pictures on her then instagram fitness account @GenesisLopezfitness before her rise to fame. Here she slowly hit 2 million followers. Unfortunately, her account was blocked in April 2016; as a result she had to make a new account which as we know turned into her ladder to success.

Genesis Lopez Bio: Age, Education, Birthday, Early Life

The 25 year old model completed her High School from Miami and did her higher education from Florida State University. Even though it was her body that led her to incredible heights, Genesis never neglected education. Genesis’ incredible journey is an inspiration to many, showing that everything that you give up for your dreams turns into a blessing making you one of the best in your stream.

Genesis Lopez Family: Parents, Parents, Pets

There are three members in Genesis’ family- Her parents and herself. They have been recently joined by her boyfriend, Joe Toronto whom she’s been dating since 2016.Besides her love for her parents and boyfriend, Genesis is also an animal- lover. She is a pet parent to two adorable animals, one of which is a husky and other a cat.

Genesis Lopez and Joe is a lovely couple. They never leave any opportunity to show off their love for each other on social media. They have always taken every chance to appreciate each other as Joe, Genesis’ boyfriend posted an adorable picture on his Instagram wishing his girlfriend on their first anniversary in 2018. Similarly, on 8 April 2019 wished him on their second anniversary. No doubt, both are head over heels in love with each other.

Genesis Lopez Body Measurements

Genesis is the proud owner of an incredible body that remains a dream of almost every woman worldwide. She weighs about 61Kg with a height of 5’6” (1.70 meters).

Owing to her fame as a fitness model, she needs to maintain a perfectly fit body even if it means following a very strict diet and saying NO to all those fatty cravings. Apart from a strict diet, hitting the gym regularly without ever cheating on her self-care regiments is a key factor.

So that being said, modeling and being a public icon is not a child’s play. She obviously has to break through a lot of distractions that we may consider a privilege, like parting every weekend, going to fancy restraunts etc. as she needs to maintain that perfect body as a part of her demanding career.Genesis is a strong believer of diet being a major influencer for maintaining a fit body. So, it’s evident that her daily diet excludes processed sugar and flour. She lives on fresh veggies and fish that are high in protein and low in fat. This, even when taken as the secret to a fit and healthy body seems to be unachievable to many.

After a few minutes of arm-up exercises, she moves onto weights. Warm ups are followed by a series of intense workouts including Barbell Squats (four sets of 10-12 reps each), Lunge (four sets of 12 steps each), The Good-morning (four sets of 10-12 reps), One-Legged Cable Kickbacks (four sets of 12 reps each), Step Ups with kickbacks (four sets of 12 reps each) and Bodyweight Hip Thrusts (four sets of 12 reps each).No doubt, maintaining an attractive figure requires a lot of hard work and evidently, it pays off. It is not easy to be doing all this every day and not complaining. You need to be very passionate towards what you do and have unconditional love for your job.