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A well respected American Christian pastor, Franklin Graham, has the status of a celebrity. Son of the famous American missionary, Billy Graham, he is among the highest-paid evangelists in the world. Many people treat him as the man of God because of his dedication of life to spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the services towards the Christian religion. Read on to know why Franklin Graham is so successful in his career and his salary and net worth.

Do you know how much he earns from his faith-based career? You may also raise your eyebrows like many other people if you hear his salary and net worth.

Beyond gospel services, he is an activist and made a lot of noise about the Iraq attack. A strong supporter of President Donald Trump, Franklin Graham expressed his interest towards Trump in the recent past stated as the best candidate for the Presidency, chosen by God.

Franklin, currently working as the CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, an organization for International Christian relief, is known for mixing both religion and politics. His political views and opinions have often landed him in controversies. He has been working actively with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association also and conducts crusades regularly throughout the world.

This world-famous Christian missionary is married to Jane Austin Cunningham, a woman from Smithfield, North Carolina in 1974 and blessed with four children, three sons, and one daughter. His daughter, Jane Austin Graham has been married to the former National Football League (NFL) safety, Corey Lynch.

This wealthy religious leader gets abundant support from his wife, Jane to be a pastor and evangelist. Today eleven grandchildren make their life more fulfilling.

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Evangelist Franklin Graham Hates Islam, Takes part in politics

Franklin Graham, the head of Samaritan’s Purse, underwent many controversies. He has been against Islam always and called the religion as evil and wicked that landed him in trouble. Franklin displayed his hatred towards the religion during many interviews and openly stated that it is an evil religion. He also faced controversy during his sermon at Good Friday in Pentagon.

Apart from his anti-Islam comments, he has criticized many other religions also, including Hinduism. From his actions, it seems that he loves controversies.

The world-famous evangelist, Franklin Graham, also made news when Donald Trump won the elections because of his comments on Trump’s winning. He stated that divine intervention helped Donald Trump to win the election. We know Graham loves controversies and let’s wait for future controversies that he would invite for himself.

Evangelist Franklin Graham Career Development

Even though Franklin was the son of a world-famous evangelist, he embraced Christianity only at the age of 22. He has been dedicated to his work after that and became a successful and well-recognized evangelist and pastor.

Since Franklin is the son of a famous evangelist, he has more potential to follow his father’s steps. Some senior members of the Billy Graham panel realized that and continuously mentored him to be a pastor to influence the lives of the people in the society positively. They have inspired Franklin and made a great impact on him, and at last, he decided to serve god. Based on some data collected in 2014, he is among the highest-paid employees of the Samaritan’s Purse.

Franklin Graham Net Worth And Salary

Franklin Graham was many times criticized for taking a huge annual salary of approximately $880,000 considering his faith-based career. Many believe that he reaps these benefits as the son of a well-known pastor Billy Graham. He is also rumored to be taking profits from his organization, Samaritan’s Purse. The estimated net worth of this religious leader is $3 million, including his house and other assets.

Owning impressive fortune and a lot of assets as an evangelist and in the name of different charity organizations put him in many hullabaloos. He may not look so rich on paper, but reap the benefits of running charity organizations like an age-old film trick.

Quick Facts About Evangelist Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham was born in Asheville in North Carolina to the world-famous missionary, Billy Graham and Ruth Bell as their fourth child. He completed his basic education from a Christian private school, named Stony Brook located in the Long Island, New York. Later he joined a High school in North Carolina. Born to a missionary father, he was attracted to Christianity even from a young age.

Do you know the well-recognized evangelist Franklin Graham was once expelled from his college for keeping out one of his female classmates under curfew? Later he joined the Letourneau College in Longview Texas to continue his studies.

Franklin graduated from the Montreal Anderson College in 1970, and he acquired his BA from Appalachian State University in 1978.

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