Facts About Alaskan Bush People And The Family

Alaskan bush people is a reality television show that is telecasted on the discovery channel. The show revolves around the Brown family and their adventure of living out in the wild or it is what they want to show the viewers. However, questions have always been there about the credibility of the show and whether the show is real or fake?

At first, what appeared to be a rumour during the first seven seasons from various sources like locals from the state of Alaska and public records. However, later some strong facts were there in public indicating to the fact.’

Is The Brown Family Really From Alaska?

The show indicates that the Brown family have been living in Alaska for years and are native Alaskans but that might not be the truth. The parents of Billy(Father) and Amy (Mother) arrived in Alaska in the 1980s but they don’t have an ancestor who had ties with Alaska. Billy grew up in the state of Texas and his parents passed away in a plane accident when he was very young. Being a legal resident of both Colorado and Texas Billy came back to Texas to shoot an autobiography which was later converted into a TV series by Discovery channel.

Are Their Names Real?

The names in the Brown family are not commonly heard and appear to be made up and scripted but is there any proof. The children are called birdy, Bam bam and bear on the show and are not their real names. These are their nicknames and real names as follows:- Bear is known as Solomon, Bam Bam is known as Joshua whereas Birdy was named after mother Amora.

Is The Show Based On A Book?

Billy Brown wrote a book in the year 2007 called One wave of a Time and there have been a lot of rumours suggesting that the show is based on the same book and is not a reality show but a smart adaptation of the book and producers are trying to fool the viewers. Are they cut-off from the world?

The show is directed to give views an idea that the family is surviving in the wilderness alone but that might not be the case. In reality, the family lives just miles away from the main town and even have next-door neighbours. The oldest son of the family Matt Brown has been caught for partying many times.

Do They Even Live In Alaska When Not Filming?

This question has been raised many times. Locals and sources suggest that the family comes to Alaska just for the filming, other than that they have been spotted in luxury lounges with other members of the crew and the family living in wild Alaska for 30 years is a big lie.

These were some points that support the claims of the show being scripted. However, neither the discovery channel nor the producers of the shows have given any official statements. The show has a good following and fans need answers to these question which may be given soon.

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