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Ethiopian World Record Holder Genzebe Dibaba Bio, Age, Career, Siblings

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World of Athletes is all about speed and agility. Speed… is all that matters. Olympics is the ultimate stage where the athletes can show off their athletic skills. It is a very honorable opportunity to represent a country in the Olympics and winning medals is a different level of happiness. Genzebe Dibaba is one such athlete who had this honorable opportunity.

Genzebe Dibaba is an Ethiopian middle- and long-distance runner who has won various medals. She has won the gold medal in the 1500 m race at the Beijing Word Champions and silver medal in 2016 Olympics for the same distance running. She holds the world record for 1500 m (indoor and outdoor), 3000 m indoor, 5000 m and also a mile indoor.

Genzebe is 28 years old born on 8 Feb 1991 in Bekoji, Ethiopia. She comes from a family of athletes. Her sisters are also long-distance runners. They have also won various medals for the race. She also has a brother Dejene who is also an athlete in the same sports. Their family is been quoted as “Fastest family on the planet” by Vogue.

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Genzebe Dibaba Siblings

Genzebe’s older sister – Ejegayehu – is also an athlete and she has won various medals for 10000 m race in 2004 Summer Olympics. Her Aunt Derartu Tulu who is the Olympic champion in the year 1992 and 2000.

Genzebe Dibaba Training And Career Development

Jama Aden is Genzebe’s coach and has been one of the successful coaches in the recent years. Just before Jama started to be the coach of Genzebe he was approached by his sister Tirunesh. Genzebe had already won medals on the indoor championships. She however needed coaching on the outdoor running. Jama says speed was not an issue as she already had that in her. All that was required was to coach her on the mileage.

Jama did try various methods to increase Genzebe’s mileage. She kept running without the focus on speed and did repeated rounds to gain the stamina for the mileage. Her workout consisted of 6 x 800 m of running she finished most of them just a little above 2 minutes. For 4 x 1500m workout she did training with the guys who finished 3.4 to 3.5 minutes. This workout was just before she went to Beijing.

Jama has lot of faith in Genzebe’s ability and believes her natural speed. He was asked if Genzebe was really a clean athlete as in the past we have seen athletes doping and also this rises question in the mind of fans and the followers. Anyone achieving a new world record who go through the series of doubts if they are actually doping. Jama says Genzebe has already proved to have achieved the world record with being clean.

For the recent world championship in Doha, she has withdrawn from it due to her foot injury. She was has a partial rupture in her right foot. She will be missed in the championship as she was the favorite to be won this year. However, this leaves Faith Kipyegon and Sifan Hassan next favorites to be winning the medal as they have won various medals in the past.

Having said all in one of the interview’s Dibaba family has been tagged as The Fastest Family on the planet. This is a great achievement for the family unless there comes a next one.