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ESPN Marie Margolius Is Dating Boyfriend Steve Michalek. Know Her Age, Net Worth, Ex-Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers

Marie Margolius has been a famous athlete whose fame has doubled after it emerged that she was involved with the NFL player Aaron Rodgers. In her path to fame, she managed to play professional soccer in Ope IF. She is now working for ESPN Films as an Executive Assistant.

ESPN Marie Margolius Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Marie has her origin in Acton, Massachusetts where she was born in October 26, 1993 to biological parents David and Celeste Margolius. She comes from a family of 4 siblings with her being the last born, two brothers, Gary & David and sister Amy are the other members of her family.

ESPN Marie Margolius Education Details

She attended Acton-Boxborough High School where she graduated from in 2011. Among the merits that she graduated with are, having been the high school soccer team’s captain. After her High School graduation, she attended Harvard University where she graduated with majors in science and history alongside playing soccer.

In her study life, she was so brilliant that at one point she took a summer course in the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science.

Her love for soccer did not spring up from nowhere, she was always interested in sports as a child and she looked forward to becoming a player one day. She started playing soccer since her teenage years, a passion she took alongside her studies. The love for soccer grew and eventually she chose to become a soccer player.

ESPN Marie Margolius Career Details

Her career began with professional soccer playing in Sweden. She played for Ope IF which is a Swedish football club that is based in Ope. She came back home in 2015 after this assignment to work for LinkedIn as a BLP Global Sales Associate while living in San Francisco.

She finally made a move to New York City where she currently lives and works with ESPN films as an executive assistant. Together with her career, she is a gender equality activist. Her feminist role has seen her writing an article on girls empowerment titled “Empowering Girls to Excel: How Sports Can Bridge the Confidence Gap.”

ESPN Marie Margolius Net Worth And Salary

She is estimated to be taking home an annual net pay of US$ 60,000 with her Net Worth standing at $3 million as of January, 2020.

Her career in soccer as well as in the corporate industry has helped her to record noticeable achievements in life. She has seen herself rising from a regular manager to a senior manager in the recent past and there are prospects for more achievements

ESPN Marie Margolius Nationality, Ethnicity, Body Measurements

Marie holds an American nationality with her ethnicity being a Caucasian. She is 5’7” (1.7m) tall, nothing much to say about her weight except that she has an athlete’s figure. She maintains a good weight.

ESPN Marie Margolius Dating History

Even though she is a successful woman by herself and has a very fruitful career, she became famous only when she started dating Aaron Rodgers, an NFL superstar. The lovebirds were spotted for the first time in 2017 when they had dinner in a Manhattan restaurant known as The East Pole. A little after that she went silent on her love life leaving the media in speculation. Only indications that are there to show that she might have gone separate ways with Aaron is the fact that he has been connected to other women in recent times. Right now, her love life is shrouded in silence that the media does not know what to make of it. Nobody knows if she is in a secret relationship or she is living her life solo. What is in the social circles is just rumors that she is romantically involved with Steve Michalek who plays in NHL. When confronted with these allegations, she chose to keep mum.


This is the life of a tender aged celebrity whose name is on many tongues apart from being common in the social media circles. She still has a lot to achieve and she can do it especially bearing in mind that she came from humble beginnings to rise to the spot where she is now.

When in college, she was in a dilemma of choosing between a career in sports and one in the corporate industry. She made the decision to go with her passion and now she is seeing the fruits of her brave decision. She now has achieved more than her dream since she is a sports as well as a corporate celebrity.