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ESPN Journalist Tom Rinaldi Married Life, Salary, Education, Awards, Interviews

An ESPN reported became a hotshot right after his crisp and sharp interview with the pro-golfer, Tiger Woods, after he was caught cheating and defamed. Tom Rinaldi was the first to conduct the interview and it went on so well that the reporters all over the world couldn’t help but praise his delivery of questions and his calm and composed attitude. It was hardly a five-minute interview but it gave Tom a uplift for a lifetime.

Tom Rinaldi TV Interviews

Tom’s High profile interviewees include Mike Krzyzewski, Kobe Bryant, Andrew Luck, Magic Johnson, Mariano Rivera, Roger Federer, Nick Saban, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Jack Nicklaus and Derek Jeter along with Tiger Woods. He also wrote a book that narrated the real story of the 9-11 hero, Welles Crowther. Welles was a volunteer firefighter, who with his determination saved a lot of people who were stuck during the tragedy and died while doing so. This book of Tom was titled as “The Red Bandana”.

Tom Rinaldi Education And Accomplishments

Tom never started as a reporter. He always wanted to become a teacher. From the University of Pennsylvania, he did his major in English and went on to teach in a high school. One always finds more smart kids in a private school, and since he started teaching in one he realized that he did not want this. He could not see the point to teaching kids that are already smart. So he shifted to a public school.

Tom was now very happy as he was helping kids to build a very successful future, but it was very clear that at the time of departure of students for graduation Tom found it very hard to bid farewell. He, later joined the University of Columbia Graduate school of Journalism which took a big turn in his career. While he was studying he still taught students but later it got difficult and he finally left going to public school after he was hired as a reporter at WNDU in South Bend, Ind. Tom was awarded with 12 national Sports Emmy Awards and six national Edward R. Murrow Awards for his unprecedented Journalism.

Tom Rinaldi Birthday, Early Life

Tom Rinaldi born on 7th October, in Cresskill, New Jersey. He has been a part of ESPN for over a decade now. He joined as a reported for ESPN in the year 2002, he would fill in various roles at different programs at famous companies. He is the interviewer and writes essays for ESPN’s golf coverage. Also, his contribution to weekly College Gameday, as well as he is a reporter for the Rose Bowl and also the National Championship is very active and essential. He earns a hefty salary of $78,000 per year. Everything he does is ver much loved by the fans and this has made him very credible and loved.

Tom Rinaldi Married To Wife Dianne

Tom Rinaldi lives in New Jersey along with his family. He now married to the very beautiful Dianne and together they have bore two children. A son, Jack and a daughter, Tessa. Dianne, is a very supportive wife. She very ably raised the children while Tom was out working, traveling to different places to build his career for active Journalism. Dianne plays a very key role in keeping her family active and going.

Quick Facts About Tom Rinaldi

Full Name Tom Rinaldi
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Nickname Tom
Marital Status Married
Birthplace New York, The USA
Ethnicity White
Profession Reporter
Nationality American
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Light Brown
Build Average
Spouse Dianne
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.77m)
Education University of Pessylvania
Online Presence Twitter
Children 2