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Eminem Daughter Alaina Marie Mathers Bio, Age, Education, Career, Net Worth

Alaina Marie Mathers is one of the daughters of Eminem. Eminem is an extremely popular American rapper. She was born on 3rd May in 1993. Actually she is her second adopted daughter. Biologically, she is daughter of Dawn Scott, who is actually twin sister of Kim Scott. Kim Scott is ex-wife of Eminem. He adopted her because Dawn started taking drugs when Alaina was just some years old. Today, Eminem is father of three daughters, in which one is his biological daughter, Hailie. The two adopted are Whitney and Alaina obviously.

Alaina Marie Mathers Parents, Early Life

Eminen caught Kim cheating on him and soon after that, they both got separated and the custody of Hailie went to Eminem. When Eminem got famous, he adopted Alaina. The actual name of Alaina was Amanda Scott. He changed her name to Alaina Marie Mathers and he and Hailie welcomed her to the family with open hands. He changed the name because he didn’t want her to think about the past events. Eminem also named her in some of his songs as “Lainey”, a nickname he gave to Alaina. He loves all his daughters and treat them equally.

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Due to overdose of heroin, in January 2016, Dawn died. This was huge shock to the family. Kim, after her death, wrote some lines on how much she miss her. She wrote,“I kept a light lit for her hoping she’d find her way back to me, I miss her and love her more than anything I could ever say. I wish she was here so I could hug her and tell her I love her. Half of me is gone and I will never feel whole again. She made me laugh and kept me on my toes. She was the best sister and friend in the world and I will miss her until we are together again.”

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Dawn’s boyfriend told that she had become a drug addict on a level on which no one should reach. He said, she wanted to get high every time. She did all types of drugs that she could get hands on. Continuing he said that she swallowed them (any drug) like a candy. Seeing all this, could not have been worse for her child to have a mother like this. She was actually blessed to have a father like Eminem, who adopted her without a second thought.

Alaina Marie Mathers Education Details

Alaina completed her elementary school located in Cherokee. Middle school was Michigan’s Seneca middle school. She went to University of Oakland for her graduation. Alaina was very studious and career driven. She always wanted to become a successful lady but the struggles and obstacles she faced in childhood because of her family surely made an impact on her. Her mother couldn’t control herself from drugs and thus Eminem took Alaina under his protection to provide her better education so that she could make her dreams true.

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Alaina Marie Mathers Personal Life

He’s just gone on Eminem in this category. Just like him, she likes to her life private and low profile. She’s a studious person and deserves to grow and become whatever she wants. She must be working on something which would be productive fr her as well as her family. She also don’t have any social media accounts as they are just distraction from the goal.

Alaina Marie Mathers Net Worth

The Eminem’s net worth is around whooping $190 million. Surely, she has not reached those heights yet. But she had completed some successful endeavours which make her networth of around $1 million USD. If she continues to work on her endeavours, the net worth will surely increase