Elena Lyons Married To Grant Cardone: Find Out More On Her Kids, Age, Birthdate, Shows

The success story of Elena Lyons Cardone didn’t come overnight. An actress and a successful model, she is the wife of Grant Cardone, a world famous motivational speaker, and author. After tying the knot with him, she became one-half of a powerful couple of America. For many people, she is an American, thanks to her looks, but she is Spanish. This article shed lights on this well-established Spanish actress, her career, married life, and hobbies.

Elena Lyons Cardone Bio: Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Early Life

Born on June 27th, 1973 in Madrid, Spain, Elena is almost 15 years younger to her famous husband. But the age difference never affected their life and this 45-year old actress leading a happy married life with her husband and children.

Elena was born in Madrid, but her family shifted their base to the United States, where she grew up and studied. Still, many people do not know the fact that she has Spanish roots. For some people, she is Latino because of her looks. Elena got her high school education in New Orleans, Louisiana. She moved to Los Angeles after completed school to try her luck in modeling. Even though she is Spanish by origin, she treats the US as her home.

Elena had a successful modeling career with many print editorials and commercials under the well-known fashion brand Elite Model. After that, she started acting, and the industry accepted her with open arms. She could bag the role of Lauren in the popular TV show, USA high of NBC which opened doors for her for more shows. Some of the shows include the Days of our lives, N.C.I.S, C.S.I, Grounded for Life, and Two and a Half Men. She also starred in the successful TV series, the Young and the Restless where she played the role of Marisol. Elena was also a part of the show George Lopez.

Apart from a successful model and an actor, Elena is also a sportswoman. She is very lively and energetic for her hobbies which include swimming and horseback riding. With several vintage cars, she also loves to try her hand in the auto mechanism.

With her own website, www.elenacardone.com, she sometimes minds to blog under her real name. Visit it to get an idea about her real personality. She also started an empire with her husband Grand Cardone which is under the network, www.grantcardonetv.com. A humanitarian who paid back to the society through her celebrity shoots, Elena ranked the Maxim Magazines Hottest 100 in the year 2004. If you check the Women’s California State Shotgun Competition, you can watch the shooting skill of this actress, which is better than any trained officer.

Elena Lyons And Grant Cardone Are Married

Married to an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, Grant Cardone, Elena has a blissful life with two beautiful daughters, Sabrina and Scarlett. She is lucky to get married to the person she loved, and he became a pillar of strength for her after that. Grant Cardone was already established in the industry when she met him. She too made headlines as an actress in the industry, and probably their popularity made them attracted to each other.

Elena Lyons and Grant Cardone tied the knot in 2004 and became one of the most powerful couples in America. The 15-year age gap never affected their relationship instead works well for them. We can see how easily relationships break these days because of stress and busy life, but this couple has been an inspiration and envy for many single celebrities in the industry.

Even though Elena Lyons and Grant Cardone are among the most established couples of America, the beginning of their relationship was not so smooth. Initially, Elena thought of Grant as negative and abrasive. Besides, he missed one attractive feature that every model looks for in a partner – height. Things took a turn eventually, and they get married in 2004. Today, the life of this couple seems to be blessed with full of flowers and rainbows.

Quick Facts About Elena Lyons

Born NameElena Lyons
Birth PlaceSpain, Madrid
1.71 m
Zodiac Sign
Age46 years
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandGrant Cardone
Net Worth$35 million

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