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Drew Brees Wife Brittany Brees. Her age, Children, Wiki-Bio.

Drew Brees is the quarterback to the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees has his cheerleader as his wife who is called Brittany Brees who never misses a game and usually brings the entire family to watch the game. Here is the information on Drew Brees  wife, family and his great Sportsmanship.

Drew Brees Married life with his wife Wife Brittany Brees. Do they have Kids?

These issues have been at the heart of the media following closely on them. This has been therefore difficult for Drew Brees to cope up with.

 Brittany Brees with her husband Drew Brees and their kids
Brittany Brees with her husband Drew Brees and their kids

However, Brittany has managed to hide most of her life successfully. But, with a little digging, we unraveled some important plot lines in her marriage.

First among all, Drew Brees and wife Brittany Brees met at Purdue University. Drew Brees was majoring in Industrial Management at the same time juggling college football as his school’s team offensive Captain. During one of his runs, he had a chance to encounter Brittany. However, things did not turn out as they had planned.

The love of Drew Brees and wife Brittany Brees blossomed all the way to their graduation from the university and even past that campus life. When Drew Brees joined the NFL, she was always there by his side to fully support him. The couple got married on February the year 2003 in a private wedding ceremony.

Drew Brees and Brittany got their firstborn son on January 15th the year 2009. Then they got their kids namely, Bowen, Callen and Rylen born on October 19th the year 2010, August 15th the year 2012 and August 25th the year 2014 respectively. These three sons and a daughter were the couple’s original dream and give their best when it comes to their parenting roles.

Brittany Brees  career information and education

Brittany is a philanthropist and visionary who likes to give back to her society through corporate social responsbility. But before all that, she was born as Brittany Middleton Dudchenko on the September 18th, the year 1976.

Her birthplace was in Indiana, then her parents were Kathleen Ann and Peter Dudchenko. She attended the Wawasee High School in Syracuse Indiana, a state where she grew up.

This mother of four and wife of Drew Brees, Brittany Brees is currently 42 years old with her Zodiac sign as Virgo. In comparison to her husband, she is older by nearly three years. Another thing to know about her is that upon graduating from high school, she moved to West Lafayette, which is also in Indiana where she enrolled at Purdue University and met with Drew Brees to give us a story that we are writing today.

Drew Brees wife has a charity organization

After her husband helped her in terms of funding, this mother of four was pronounced as quite charitable. In the same year as her marriage, she co-founded the Brees Dream Foundation, which is an organization that helps in the fight against cancer and aids to improve the lives of those already suffering from it.

It is worth noting that this foundation not only limited to cancer patients but also deals with other ordinary families and children who are in need. It may be regarding quality education or simply uplifting their living standards. It raises funds through charitable events like races, challenges, and concerts. All in all, it’s a great deal in restoring hope in the hearts of many and has contributed over $25 million globally.

Moving a little bit closer to Drew Brees’ home, the pair bought a 100-year-old house in New Orleans for $1.6 million and renovated it to their liking. This was after the devastation brought about by the popular Hurricane Katrina. They have always loved the town and helped rebuild it all they can.

The local community also benefited a lot after they opened up a playground in New Orleans Courtyard. They partnered up with the Audubon Nature organization to restore joy to children with mobility, sensory and other challenges in the region.

Drew Brees wife Brittany Brees net worth and sources of income.

It is hard to separate the couple’s earnings and net worth since they function as a single unit. As such, Brittany Brees’ net worth as an individual is unknown.

 Brittany Brees net worth

However, her husband’s, Drew stands at $100 million as of the year 2018.

He makes most of his money from the contract signings with the New Orleans Saints and his previous team, San Diego Chargers. Ever since he made the switch, his salary shot up to $50 million and signing bonuses amounting up to $22 million.

It doesn’t end there. Drew also makes a lot of money through brand endorsements, promotions, and advertisements. Considering Drew Brees is one of the most decorated players in College football history, many companies try to feature him in their labels.

Drew Brees wife Brittany Brees is always in support by making sure hotel rooms are booked, and traveling expenses are managed and handled quite well. All to bring the kids to cheer his father on as he makes remarkable passes and impressive touchdowns in whichever state they will be playing.

The Height of Brittany Brees. How tall is she?

The 42-year-old looks stunning for her age. She is only one inch shorter than her husband and stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches.


Full Name: Brittany Brees
Age; 42 years old
Date of Birth: September 18th, the year 1976
Place of Birth: Indiana
Parents: Kathleen and Peter Dudchenko
Net worth: unknown
Husband: Drew Brees
Kids: 4
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: undisclosed
Zodiac: sign Virgo.

Drew is lucky to have a wife as Brittany Brees. There have never been any divorce rumors or fight about age and infidelity. They share almost everything including their four kids and his $100 net worth figure.


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